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A change is afoot in Stream Raiders!

This Saturday (18th July) saw another significant update drop for Stream Raiders, however, with so many frequent updates to both gameplay mechanics and special events, what made this one so special and post-worthy?

Come with me warrior as we explore this latest update.


As one of the largest and most sought after changes, new pathfinding mechanics have been put into the game that is taking the previous pathfinding forward in great leaps and bounds. As opposed to now charging headfirst into walls. Becoming stuck on hedges or bodies of water. Units will now navigate around the obstacles and help them get to the heart of the enemy where their specific attack type (melee, anti-support or ranged) or speciality (healers and bannermen) will be the most benefit.

Although a few people have taken to the discord and twitter to say the pathfinding is still not right, it has honestly improved and often the examples given for when things go wrong are massive battles. In the grand scheme of things, a small portion of fighting compared to the normal-sized ones.

Unit changes

As part of a public release in the official discord (which you can join here), the Stream Captain community team advised:

“We’ve updated the base units to reflect a more diverse set of skin tones that we feel better reflect the diversity of our Captains, raiders, viewers, artists, and the Stream Captain team. As we’ve grown the game from our original prototype, we’ve been able to look back at our character design, and we’re excited to expand the Stream Raiders universe to be more inclusive. We’re striving to create communities and games that foster equality, kindness, and inclusion, and we think this is one important, small step towards those goals.”

Below are the new skin tones on each of the units that have been changed:

Screenshots of the units with their new skin tones.

Although I love the thought of bringing more diversity and inclusiveness into the game. My only feedback is, it would be nice to pick any unit and change the skin tone using a colour palette of preset skin tones to allow people to pick and select which units they would like to have changed. As opposed to just having some of the units change. This would give the player base (both community members and captains) more freedom of choice.

Who are your favourites?

Something the community has been asking for for a while is the ability to have a system that identifies their favourite captains so that they can be found easily and their battles joined quickly. That system is now live!

When signing into Stream Raiders now, you have the option to select ‘favourites’ from the top of the captain selection screen which will show you all of your favourite captains in one place - with the usual who is online, offline and doing PvP.

An example of the new 'Choose Your Captain' layout. Inclusive of the new section (mid-top just beside All).

An example of the new section pre-loaded with some of my personal favourites.

In order to favourite a captain to have them appear here, all you need do, is next time you are fighting with them, click on the small heart icon below their profile picture. That’s all it takes.

The heart icon is on the left of the screen two icons below where it says live.

Personally, I think this is a great addition and have already been through and added my first few favourites on.

Is this the loyalty change people are talking about?

Unfortunately not, be we will jump right into the loyalty changes now!

For the new overworld format used for Awakening, we fight an epic eleven chapter campaign with each chapter formed of multiple small raids you need to fight through to get to the final event boss at the end of chapter eleven. During this new format, as we detailed in our Awakening post (available here), you can get new types of loyalty chests that will grant skins, unique event tokens and a bountiful gold horde. To be eligible to receive one of the loyalty chests, you have to play with a captain for a few battles.

Previously the number of battles was unknown, and there was no way to track your progress. However, the development team have added a gauge onto the captain’s name (on the left-hand side, just above the favourite heart) that shows your progress. All you need to do is fight three battles with the same captain, and for each action you fight, your gauge will fill by a third.

How a captain will first present. Loyalty gauge is empty.

After a win with the captain, the gauge has filled one third.

Unfortunately, when the even started, it turned out that should you leave a captain to fight with another (replacing them in an active slot) or miss a battle, you lost all progress with them and would have to start again. However, as of Saturday - now, when you miss a fight, your progress will be saved and not re-set. But should you still take the captain out of an active slot and replace them with someone else, your loyalty will be lost as before (which to be honest makes sense).

Final thoughts

With Awakening been the biggest event ever, this release has seen some of the biggest shakeups to date too. And has added in many new and exciting features that people have been asking for for a while. Having had a play with all of them on both the desktop version of Stream Raiders (as both viewer and captain) and Mobile Lite version, I can definitely say they are warm welcomes and beneficial additions.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this far. If you have not done so already and are looking to throw down with the chimps of war for some battles, you can find us on Stream Raiders here. You can also join the official discord here. Or sign up for Mobile Lite testing here.


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