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A look at the current Stream Raiders Mobile Lite app (v 0.1.41)

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Greetings fellow warriors and welcome to the update on the Stream Raiders Mobile Lite app. If you have not done so, make sure to check out our initial blog post here - where we delved into build 0.1.1 of the app.

For the updates, I have waited until there is a bit to update you on as opposed to spamming smaller posts.

So what’s changed?

Between 0.1.1 and 0.1.41 which was released earlier this week, there have been some quite critical updates for the mobile app. Although not everything is fully functional on the app (such as the Store tab, Skin tab and ability to gift or buy skins), and there is still no captain ability, it is coming on in leaps and bounds.

How the Skin and Store tabs are currently presented.

  • The first noticeable improvement is the load times and overall handling of the app. Compared to the earlier builds of the app, it is a lot more smooth when traversing the map on your phone. And the app loads a lot quicker than it initially did by a good few seconds.

  • There has been a 150% zoom rate implemented to allow you to get up close and personal with the battlefield.

An example of the 150% zoom.

  • In addition to the above, as mentioned previously, there were anomalies on the previous builds where Mobile Lite users would be able to place units on the extreme edge of deployment zones. Allowing them an added benefit on treasure troves and in CvC as they would be able to place units in front of everyone else. Initially, this was logged and dealt with utilising a ‘please don’t use the exploit’ message in the discord, from the development team. But has since been (mostly) patched. There are still a few maps where the ability to place right on the edge of the deployment zone, in front of other players, can be exploited. However, they are disappearing quite rapidly as more and more players come on board to test the app and report such things as they come across them.

Two examples of the exploit in use (purely for demonstration purposes).

  • At the top of both your home screen and during matches, there is a built-in stream view where you can see the streamer/captain who’s battle you are taking part in; I will go into more detail about this in a minute. In contrast, before it would dominate quite a chunk of the stream. But it has now been amended to a new version that allows app users to close the stream view down and see the screen they are on fully.

  • The Army tab on the app is now fully functional and allows you to see your units, click on them to see their specific stats and supports the ability to carry out upgrades on the app too. Previously this was not the case and all unit levelling up, and unit stat checks required you to log in on a pc or laptop. Personally, this has been a fantastic introduction and saved a lot of time not having to go back and forth between mobile and PC. One of the beneficial mechanics for the army tab is the ability to filter units by not only their role but availability and if they are upgradeable yet or not.

An example of a berserker unit upgraded using the app.

An example of the filter options.

  • Introduced just a few weeks ago, the captain search screen now allows you to find captains based on whether or not they are playing the campaign (CvE), versus (CvC) or both. In addition, the ability to locate your favourite captains has also been added in this week with the ability to heart new favourites as and when you come across new captains you want to keep track of. Unlike the PC version where you can see all of your favourites all the time, on the app, it only ever displays your active favourite captains - if they playing at the same time as yourself.

An example of the filter options.

That sounds great, but what about the stream viewer?

Although the stream viewer has changed and is now collapsable which many of the testers had been requesting in the discord, personally I dislike the new format as it loses the onscreen keyboard altogether. So you can see the stream but not interact with it. Besides, the overall stream preview bar is tiny unless you tilt your phone from portrait to landscape at which point you lose the ability to see the map until you put the phone back into the portrait position.

Personally, and it might happen as we are still in testing. The stream preview would be better in the format it appeared previously (both a stream preview and an onscreen keyboard so you could interact with the captain’s chat) - but with the added option to minimise or fully close the preview for those who are just playing Stream Raider. And not interested in the stream side of things. This may sound like it is asking a lot; however, I believe it will be the most suitable middle ground for most types of player.

An example of the older portrait stream view with onscreen keyboard (featuring GingerJessicat).

An example of the current landscape stream view (featuring InMyPants).

What functions are still not available at the moment?

  • As mentioned above, both the Store tab and the ability to view, equip and purchase new skins are not available on the app. Nor is the ability to gift skins to a captain’s community. When attempting to do so at present, it just advises the function is coming.

An example of the message displayed.

  • The audio commands within settings that allow you to set and test your in-game audio are still not working 100%.

  • Unfortunately, at the moment, you are still unable to see your battle pass progression on the mobile app for both the free and paid for pass. The only way to keep track of the special events is via PC.

  • When clicking on either friendly or enemy units to see their stats, class or what skin they have equipped - that information does not appear. Instead, it merely gives you the option to download the unit's artwork.

Have you noticed any new bugs?

  • Since 0.1.40 there has been a slight bug where the number of units you have ready to upgrade is incorrect and will flag units as ready to upgrade even if you do not have the correct amount of scrolls or gold. This seems intermittent and has only been with us for a few days, so will hopefully be patched quickly.

An example of an 'upgrade ready' unit that has insufficient resources.

  • When taking part in battles, there seems to be a delay between creating and placing an epic unit and the potion counter catching up. On multiple occasions myself and fellow testers have set epics and for a placement period or two - still had the old number of potions (pre epic placement) display. Eventually, the counter updates itself, but you need to keep an eye on it because if you try to create another epic, instead of advising you do not have enough potions, for the majority of the time - the captain’s battle closes and you are returned to the home screen. You can then still get back into the action (most of the time), but it is just a bit fiddly getting bounced in and out of matches.

An example of an error that occurred when I tried to place a second epic, after the battle screen displayed 45 potions.

Notice on this screen though, it now shows 42.

  • Although not a new bug per se, when playing CvC with captains on the app, the power bar for the number of the troops that can still be placed will exceed 100% for some battles.

  • With the new landscape stream preview, you may have noticed on the above screenshot (for the landscape stream preview) that when transitioning between portrait and landscape, the transition is not always smooth and sometimes becomes stuck on a bugged version of the map. Alternatively, the stream preview just gets stuck.

To fix this, as it will often not fix itself, you need to log out and reload the app.

An example of the stream getting stuck in portrait (featuring Dressler).

What are your thoughts on the app in its current state?

I think the app is coming on in leaps and bounds and for every bug, there are endless hours of fun where you can play Stream Raiders out and about, whether it be on the train or in a coffee shop. The app helps scratch that Stream Raiders itch wherever you are.

Although admittedly, having never worked in the games industry or worked on a gaming app before. I have worked on apps for my employer - so I have a grasp of the app production process, and even though almost three months down the line, not everything is functional yet, the development team have made some fantastic progress. They are always in the official discord tester section too bouncing ideas back and forth with testers and responding to queries. And they are regularly releasing new implementations, patches and tweaks. All of which shows a concrete dedication to making the app the best app it can be.

Overall I can not wait to see where the app takes us next and still firmly believe this will be a game-changer that if anything, draws more and more players into the Stream Raider family.

How can I try the Mobile Lite app for myself?

The Mobile Lite app is still in the testing phase but does have an application form which you can fill in and submit to express your interest in trying it out. At the moment, new testers are enrolled weekly. You can find the form here. And can also find out more details about the app, such as patch notes etc. here in the official discord.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you have a fantastic day. For now, though, I have a berserker I need to finish levelling up. I’ll see you all on the battlefield!


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