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A look at the Stream Raiders Mobile Lite app (v 0.1.1)

On the 29th May, the Stream Raider development team released their much anticipated Mobile Lite app into closed alpha with an initial intake of 100 testers. Luckily, we were amongst those taken in - in the first draft and have had a good hands-on with Mobile Lite, and these are my initial impressions.

If you have not done so already and would like to sign up for the testing yourself, you can do so here or by using the link in the Stream Captain official Discord.

If you are also curious about the app and would prefer more of a video run-through, you can check out my first YouTube upload on the app down below.

YouTube video

- YouTube video published 02nd June -

What were the specifics for your tests?

When carrying out the initial testing, I did so on a Samsung Galaxy S10e using the Chrome mobile web browser. Both of which were upgraded to their most up to date states.

Going forward, I will hopefully be able to make a comparison between the Samsung Galaxy and either an iPad or iPhone so that I can provide additional details to both readers and viewers alike.

Let’s dive right in!

To begin with one of the things we have been requested as testers is to install the app to our home page. When comparing both a home page and none home page app, there is little difference performance-wise, but on the home page, it is a lot easier to find and quicker to access. The loading times in general for the app are also in the mere seconds even when running an update (last night we were rolled out with the v 0.1.2 update).

Once you have loaded into the app, you will be presented with your landing page, which consists of…

  • About (referred to in the YouTube video as profile)

  • Settings

  • Twitch preview window

  • Overview of your selected captains

  • Battle screen

  • Army screen (still to be released)

  • Skin screen (still to be released)

  • Store screen (still to be released)

The About section is a one-stop-shop for all of the day to day essentials such as…

  • The ability to log out of the app entirely.

  • The ability to reload the app as you can the desktop version.

  • The ability to report a bug which is a very streamlined form that auto-populates a lot of the requested details.

  • The ability to bring up your device information which is primarily used by the development team to narrow down problems to specific operating systems and builds.

The Settings section, as you would expect, contains all of your settings options.

How do we start a battle?

To join in a battle using Mobile Lite, all you have to do is…

(1) Tap on Place Unit on any captain from your home screen.

(2) Tap on Place a Unit! on the bottom of the screen.

(3) Select the unit you wish to use by tapping on them, and you will be returned to the battlefield.

As a quick side note, the unit screen can be filtered by both level and which units are ready to use.

(4) Move the unit to where you would like to deploy them on the battlefield and then tap Confirm in the bottom right to confirm placement. Or Cancel in the bottom left to go back to select a more suitable deployment spot.

(5) Once you have confirmed the unit, you will receive your rewards notification on-screen as standard.

How do we place an epic?

When following through the above steps, when you go into the unit selection screen, there will be a Boost Unit option in the top right corner. Simply tap this, and you will see all of the units on the screen take on their epic form.

Simply tap the one you wish to use and deploy as usual.

How do we use meat to cooldown a unit’s placement timer?

As with the desktop version, if you try to place a unit that is on cooldown, you will be presented with a notification.

However, if you have sufficient meat, all you need to do is select the unit you want to take off of cooldown, tap them and then when prompted tap the Use x Meat in the bottom right of the new pop up.

You will then be able to deploy the chosen unit as usual.

You mentioned a Twitch preview before...

The Twitch preview (at the moment) is a small ever-present window in the top right of the screen that allows you to see and hear what is going on in the captain's stream.

If you click on the preview, you can pause the stream, mute the stream, enlarge it to full screen or flick back and forth between the three captains' streams. So say for example you are watching one captain but playing with two others as well, you can consistently have your captain's screen up.

When enlarging the captain's stream, you can also bring up their chat to interact with them directly from the Mobile Lite app, without having to move away from the Stream Raiders action.

At the moment, the preview window is a non-detachable and non-closable addition to Mobile Lite, but there may be an ability to hide it in the future. Views from the app will count for the captain as an external view, and there is an option within Settings to have the stream automatically change when you enter a new captains battle if you wish.

How do we collect that beautiful loot?

Once you have placed your unit(s) and a battle is ready to begin, you will be presented with an on-screen notification.

Once the battle has played out in full, whether or not you were watching, you can now collect the bounty from your epic fight off of either the home screen. Or by simply tapping one of the small avatars on the bottom of your screen. If you are preparing for another battle with another captain.

Although I covered the avatars a bit in the video, the short version is they represent the captains you are fighting with. Simply tap one at any time to change battlefield view.

They also display...

  • When you can place a unit.

  • When the battle is taking place.

  • When loot is available to collect.

  • And when a captain is waiting. Such waiting to begin a fight, collect a reward or searching for a CvC match-up.

Are there any current issues with Mobile Lite?

With the app been in alpha testing at the moment, there are a few bugs and kinks that are being ironed out, but already a lot of the ones mentioned in my YouTube video have been fixed so are not really worth mentioning again. However, when we have some more functions enabled, I will be doing an update video and blog post. And already having tested the v 0.1.2 app (which was released yesterday). There have been some significant increases to overall performance.

Overall thoughts?

Overall a fantastic alpha release that just feeds the addiction of many Stream Raider addicts and something I think will become very popular. Very quickly. I am looking forward to the next few weeks especially as we get to test the app with the new special event (The Deep ) and are due to have more functions enabled on Mobile Lite.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this far, and if you would like to check out the YouTube video, you can do so here. Or alternatively, you can sign up for the testing here. Although test groups are small, they are being brought into the fold every week, so it is well worth signing up early.


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