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An Interview With: SaintMattyGruden

Tattoo aficionado, published author, YouTube rising star and Twitch affiliate. Now you might be thinking Matty is your typical 'Jack of all trades' but you would be wrong. Not only has he mastered many, but he does so with motivation, flair and creativity. Never one to turn away questions or ignore feedback, he seeks not only to further his own reach but to raise up others with him as he does so. In his own words "you can burn a bridge in a minute, but it takes a very long time to build one."

Join me now as Chatty Chimps proudly presents an interview with SaintMattyGruden.

Noob: First and foremost, I want to take a moment to thank you for your time today, Matty. If you don't mind, can we start with some basic questions?


Noob: What name do you go by when streaming?

SaintMattyGruden: Saint, Saint Matty, SMG, SaintMattyGruden.

Noob: That seems like a lot of names, but at least it will add a bit of variety.

Please may I ask what your channel name is?

SaintMattyGruden: SaintMattyGruden.

Noob: And how old are you?

SaintMattyGruden: 30

Noob: And from whence do you hail Matty?

SaintMattyGruden: The United States.

Noob: When did you start streaming?

SaintMattyGruden: October 2019

Noob: What would you say are your favourite types of game?

SaintMattyGruden: Horror, FPS, Simulation, RPG.

Noob: That sounds like a robust selection. Apart from horror, I’m into quite a few of them too. Do you mind me asking what your favourite film genre is?

SaintMattyGruden: Horror.

Noob: Great minds think alike.

Are you into anime at all? If so, what type of anime would you say is your favourite?

SaintMattyGruden: Trigun, Cowboy Bebop. Sci-Fi/Westerns.

Noob: Do you have a favourite food at all? Sort of a ‘go-to’?

SaintMattyGruden: Steak – Medium Rare. DON’T RUIN YOUR STEAK WITH WELL DONE.

Noob: Remind me never to order a steak with you nearby.

To round up this getting to know Mr Gruden section, do you have any hobbies at all?

SaintMattyGruden: Fitness, Art/Design, Martial Arts, Reading.

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Noob: So just for our readers, what is it you do exactly?

SaintMattyGruden: Content Creator, voice actor & streamer. Professionally: Marketing Analyst & Strategist (SEO/SEM/Video/Social).

Noob: Oh, wow, that is quite a skill set you have there. Which platforms do you usually do your content creation and social media projects on?

SaintMattyGruden: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram.

Noob: What would you say triggered the decision to become a content creator?

SaintMattyGruden: My personality has always been strong & I wanted to bring my creative passion & personable attitude to the world. I have always been great at becoming a character & using my vocal talents to please others. I put all these passions, desires, & skills together & became a content creator.

Noob: What would you say have been the positive aspects of your creator’s journey so far?

SaintMattyGruden: I am very creative & open, thus allowing me to continue trying unique avenues for the success of my brand. With my talents, I have seen success in a short time.

Noob: For any wondering, I can highly recommend Matty's YouTube channel for hints and tips on various aspects, I really learnt a lot from his video on thumbnails. I even added some of them (the tips) into my own creative process.

Unfortunately with the positives, Matty, there can be the flipside too. Have you come across any negatives?

SaintMattyGruden: I am analytically motivated. This is both a good & bad quality. One can obsess over meaningless, objective data & forget to focus on the important aspects, only.

Noob: And how are you able to overcome or make that negative a positive?

SaintMattyGruden: Centering myself & always weighing the important needs vs. the irrelevant wants. Planning & executing based on previous failures is key, as well. This helps your focus on what is really important to the success of your brand.

Noob: Where do you see yourself in a year's time?

SaintMattyGruden: I see myself having multiple vocal roles & having a successful content creation career. I want my fans to enjoy what I put out & feel emotions watching it, whatever they may be. I am doing this so the world can see my creativity & enjoy themselves with it. I believe I was made to entertain & here I come. I also see myself breaking into the private sector of marketing & using my professional skills to help others with their brands.

Noob: They all sound like fantastic goals and in the short amount of time I have known you, you do have a very genuine and warm personality. Coupled with your motivation and skill set, I think you will achieve anything you set your mind to.

With such a specific short term in mind. Where do you see yourself in say three years?

SaintMattyGruden: Being full-time with content creation, streaming, & voice-work; alongside this, having my marketing strategy business for content creators live & active. In 3 years, I want to be SaintMattyGruden FULL-TIME.

- Detective Gruden -

Game: Resident Evil 7


Noob: Okay, so this next bit of the interview might be a little bit outside of the norm. I have a few questions here that I would like to run through with you. Please answer as many (or as a few), as you want.

Who is your favourite Pokemon, and why is it Cubone?

SaintMattyGruden: Pikachu, because he gives me solid electrical work for much less than a contractor.

Noob: Normally, I am not a fan of Pikachu, but when you put it that way...

So you like pineapple on pizza, can you tell us why?

SaintMattyGruden: No, because I am not a masochist.

Noob: If you were stranded on an island, what is the one thing you would want to have with you and why?

SaintMattyGruden: A fully functional motor/sailboat stocked with full gas cans, food, world map, & compass. Why? So I can sell it to the natives for my own hut.

Noob: I guess you could say you are always putting the needs of others first.

What is your go-to excuse for getting out of things you just can’t be arsed doing?

SaintMattyGruden: “I am dead, currently. Upon resurrection, please resubmit your request.”

Noob: If you were to be hunted by an infamous horror character, who would it be?

SaintMattyGruden: Predator. I want a fair fight.

Noob: Apart from the whole getting your spine ripped out and skull mounted on a trophy wall, I bet the Predator or species as a whole are pretty sociable.

Have you got any good jokes to tell us?

SaintMattyGruden: If I had 25c for every math test I failed, I’d have $3.30 right now.

Noob: Are Jaffa cakes a cake or a biscuit?

SaintMattyGruden: They are biscuit-sized cakes!

Noob: That actually makes complete sense and is the best of both worlds. Best answer so far.

If you could be an anime character, who would you be? And why?

SaintMattyGruden: BanThe Seven Deadly Sins. I can be a bit cocky at times, but I care very much about people.

Noob: What’s your perfect Sunday? And which movie did I pinch this from?

SaintMattyGruden: Playing my favorite video games & working on content, uninterrupted, on a full stomach. Hot Fuzz, mate!

Noob: If you were a movie or video game character, and had a catchphrase, what would it be?

SaintMattyGruden: Edgy catchphrase time – “Judgment falls on you…”

- Redneck Medicine -

Game: Resident Evil 7


Noob: If you could share one piece of advice to people considering streaming or content creation, what would it be?

SaintMattyGruden: Do not rush. Do not look at your peers’ success but focus solely on your own. Patience, quality, & passion WILL make you successful in YOUR time.

BE KIND. You can burn a bridge in a minute, but it takes a very long time to build one. Your fellow content creators can either help you or leave you to rot.

- When Matty does TV listings -

Game: The Banner Saga


I want to thank SaintMattyGruden for taking the time to do the interview for Chatty Chimps. If you have not done so already, I would highly recommend checking out both his stream and YouTube videos. He is a charming guy and always responds to queries and feedback. Going that extra mile to help people. You can find out more about Matty on the below platforms.







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