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An Interview With: CyberFLASH

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

An Englishman living in Croatia. CyberFLASH is a web developer by trade, streamer by choice and proud Twitch partner who strives to encourage, support and entertain those around him. Backed by an equally loving and supportive Mrs Flash, the world is his oyster!

Join me now as we interview CyberFLASH to see what motivates him and where his journey will take him next!

Noob: First and foremost I just want to take a moment to thank you for your time today CyberFLASH. If you don't mind, can we start with some basic questions?


Noob: What name do you go by when streaming?

CyberFLASH: Sir Great King The Best Awesome CyberFLASH.

Noob: That seems like a pretty long title. May I ask the name of your channel Sir Great King The Best Awesome CyberFLASH sir?


Noob: And how old are you CyberFLASH?

CyberFLASH: 25

Noob: Do you mind if I ask what your nationality is?

CyberFLASH: I am British born but currently live in Croatia.

Noob: And when did you start streaming?

CyberFLASH: July 2017

Noob: What would you say are your favourite types of game?

CyberFLASH: Role playing games, especially the Final Fantasy style games.

Noob: Sounds like a good choice. I'm quite fond of RPGs myself too. What sort of films or film genres are you into?

CyberFLASH: Guns and shooting people. Action. Comedy. Stupid stuff.

Noob: Do you have a favourite food at all? I know some of these are quite random but think of them as an ice breaker.

CyberFLASH: French Potatoes.

Noob: And last part of the bios stage of the interrogation I promise, do you have any hobbies?

CyberFLASH: Ha. Streaming? Gaming?

Noob: Sounds like a good variety there, if not a little addicted. Gaming on and off stream I mean.

If CyberFLASH is live now, you can check him out here. Alternatively drop him a follow to be notified

when he is next going live.


Noob: So just for our readers, what is it you do exactly?

CyberFLASH: I am a content creator and streamer. I stream primarily to Twitch using both a Playstation 4 and gaming PC, but at the moment the Playstation 4 is my main platform for gaming.

Noob: What made you want to get into streaming and content creation?

CyberFLASH: I was ill one day and Youtube recommended a 'live' channel playing Final Fantasy X -- because I’d uploaded a Final Fantasy X video to show my brother my zanmato skills and the algorithm and stuff.. Anyway, chilling out watching someone stream for first time ever made me think “I could do this”, “this looks fun” and literally went from there.

Noob: Sounds bit like a super hero origin story, having only known you for a short period of time you have a habit of setting and breaking your targets early on.

Can I ask if you find any positives to what you do?

CyberFLASH: There are a lot of communities that promote positivity and thus it's nice to know 'if you are ever feeling down' there is at least 100 people you could choose from to talk to. Maybe not 100 but the point is, there’s people there. It’s a nice feeling.

Being a streamer has gotten me early access to games and/or free games in general. Games I wouldn’t be able to afford 'normally' so that’s definitely positive.

I feel like I’ve made some friends so far.

Noob: And if any, do you tend to find there are any negative aspects?

CyberFLASH: When you have a lot of people, you end up with a lot of toxicity. It sometimes can definitely get you down.

Jealousy is a big thing you’ll see a lot of as a streamer. People will often resort to trying to bring you down instead of work on themselves to ‘grow’ or ‘bring themselves up’ to your level.

If this is done wrong, it can lead to people feeling 'lonely' and 'isolated' and I think that can be a really dangerously overlooked thing to happen to people.. (Hence the positivity focused communities I mentioned above ^^ )

Noob: That sounds pretty rough going especially after the positive sides you mentioned. How do you deal with the negative aspects?

CyberFLASH: I waste my time trying to reason with people whereas others might be 'more savage' or 'sassy' enough to 'take them down', I spend too much time trying to explain things through even though you know and I know they’ll never listen or change their minds regardless.

Eventually you just need to 'move on' and try to remain focused on the positives.

(Just as a heads up for the below video clips, some may contain a small amount of profanity and/or violence).

- One of the few times you will find CyberFLASH speechless -

Game: Dauntless


Noob: So we've had some highs and lows, and if you don't mind I just want to throw in a few random questions. I have a few to choose from.

CyberFLASH: No problem, fire away and I will answer them all.

(Having known CyberFLASH for a while, it was at this point I was a bit concerned as to what the answers would be and rightfully so!)

Noob: Who is your favourite Pokemon and why is it Cubone?

CyberFLASH: It is obviously Marowak because Cubone’s a scrub.

Noob: So you like pineapple on pizza, can you tell us why?

CyberFLASH: Because.

Noob: If you were stranded on an island, what is the one thing you would want to have with you and why?

CyberFLASH: A boat. So I’m no longer stranded.

Noob: What is your go to excuse for getting out of things you just can’t be arsed doing?

CyberFLASH: I always pretend to have dentist appointments. But I’m nice, so I’ll let the person know I’m joking, eventually.

Noob: If you were to be hunted by any infamous horror character, who would it be? And what is wrong with you?

CyberFLASH: Optimus Prime. Robots in disguise baby!

Noob: It has to be horror related.

CyberFLASH: Shut up Noob.

Noob: Got any good jokes to tell us?

CyberFLASH: I remember when I went to the bank with my nana. She wanted me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.

Noob: Are Jaffa cakes a cake or a biscuit?

CyberFLASH: What is wrong with you.

Noob: There's a long list, but we're not talking about me, we're talking about you.

If you could be an anime character, who would you be? And why?

CyberFLASH: The Pokémon kid, because that’s all I know.

Noob: What’s your perfect Sunday? And which movie did I pinch this from?

CyberFLASH: Watching Hot Fuzz.

Noob: If you were an absolute badass in any form of media, what would your catchphrase be?

CyberFLASH: Geoff. Get yourself a Geoff.

(Geoff became a sort of meme within CyberFLASH's chat and in his discord (Cyber Corp) and was the name of many an NPC animal companion in various games).

Game: Days Gone


Noob: If you could share one piece of advice to people considering streaming or content creation, what would it be?

CyberFLASH: You spell IT with a K (this is in regard to a mutual friend called xKlownx who is taking a break from streaming, whilst discussing the spelling of clown vs. klown).

Also, Networking is 10000% the key to growing as a streamer nowadays. It’s almost impossible to be 'unique' so stop worrying and get networking.


Noob: Thank you very much CyberFLASH for taking time to sit and chat with us today, it has been a cho... Pleasure... As always.

CyberFLASH: I would love to stay and chat but I have a dentist appointment.

Noob: Wait a minute, didn't you say earlier...

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Game: Sekiro

Messing about aside, CyberFLASH is actually a very nice guy and well worth a watch if you get chance. I would like to thank him for participating in Chatty Chimps and you can find out more about him on the below platforms.






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