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Breakpoint’s biggest content drop to date pushed back?

That’s right people; unfortunately, there is no way to sugar coat it, but the February content drop for Breakpoint that was scheduled for this week has effectively been cancelled and has not yet had a new release date set. Although we have been told to “check back in on March 5th for an intel drop on the immersive mode.” Will it be worth it?

What were we meant to be getting?

For the content drop, we were due to be receiving…

  • A new operator class, the Engineer. A heavy weapons and drone specialist that would have seen the first new playable class to join since the game launched in October 2019.

  • A brand new mode called ‘Immersive Mode’ which was going to be the second new mode released since launch (with Raids being the first). Immersive Mode was going to be a genuinely gritty, challenging and more realistic game mode for the hardcore Ghosts amongst the player base.

  • Assorted technical fixes and tweaks.

What is the cause for the delay? Did they say?

An excerpt taken from the Ubisoft/development team forum post on February 24, 2020.

Luckily the development team themselves have explained the reason for the delay was due to “the complexity of integrating this new mode has proven to be a challenge and we want to ensure that the experience will be a great one when it releases.” Meaning that effectively although they know what they want to implement, the practical side of the implementation just needs some additional time and TLC to make it work how they want it.

An excerpt taken from the Ubisoft/development team forum post on February 24, 2020.

Although this is yet another delay to Breakpoint, with us having had several previous patches and even the full Terminator event pushed back, I would still look at this as a positive. While reading the community forum article (which you can read here), it appears the team are listening to the community. They are testing things more thoroughly with extensive playtesting. And they are wanting to take their time to deliver a polished and functional new set of content for us to experience as opposed to rushing it and releasing sub-standard work. I find this to be very admirable as not only are they identifying issues and trying to fix them before release. But they are holding their hands up and being honest about the problems as opposed to the usual deceptive tactics some studios use.

What will this mean for the game?

Although there is still regular server maintenance and smaller in-game content releases such as new side missions. Cosmetic items. And store items getting released. Unfortunately, another delay will simply stoke the fires for some as there has been no substantial new content released while the team tried to fix many an issue and bring the game up to scratch. Their approach was the most logical in which they fixed the foundations of the game before building atop it. Unfortunately, though Breakpoint is now severely lacking in new content leaving the player base wanting.

In addition to the open-world exploration and regular new side missions. Pretty much most of the island has been explored by players who have had the game since launch. That really rare or top-grade loot acquired. PvP can have its highs and lows when it comes to activity. And solo players are unable to experience the thrill of raids unless they either team up with three other random players or have groups of friends to play with, meaning that an entire branch of the game may be cut off from them.

As we look forward, going from our first five months with Breakpoint into our sixth, it has seen quite a steady decline in player base across all platforms. Many turned away by the initial teething problems, some with negative reviews and others with the lack of post end game content. Although I will still sing about Breakpoint to the masses and preach it’s many good aspects, there is only so much we can do unless a new injection of content that seriously shakes things up comes soon. Then and only then, will Breakpoint see a chance of retaining people’s attention and (hopefully) luring back players to give it a second chance. For now, though, we will have to wait until March 05th and see what the next ‘intel drop’ has in store for us.


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