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Epic Store Free Game (26th of August to the 02nd of September)

It’s that time of the week, folks, where we take a few minutes to pop onto the Epic store and see what exactly they have going as the free game(s) for this week.

What is the newly announced game?

The confirmed free game for the 26th of August to the 02nd of September will be:

- The official trailer linked from Team 17’s YouTube channel -

To be able to redeem your free copy of the game, simply click on the game’s title above, which is linked directly to their entry on epicgames.com for your convenience. The game will be free to download between 16:00 BST today and 16:00 BST on the 02nd of September (next Thursday).

Thank you very much if you have read the post this far, and I hope this week’s game will pique your interest. If not, check back in next Thursday to see what the next free game(s) on the Epic store will be. For now, though, whatever you decide to play, have a fantastic day and happy gaming!


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