• Phil

Free Games for February 2021

As January ebbs away and gives way to February, and those long nights continue to draw in, you may find yourself asking, what free games will I be able to get this month for PC, Xbox and PlayStation?

Have no fear I have you covered!

Xbox - Games with Gold

This month’s games for the Xbox family, courtesy of Games with Gold are available to any Xbox player with a current Xbox Gold or Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The specific titles you will be able to get your hands on are:


Unfortunately, there is no official trailer available for the original Xbox, but a PS2 trailer can be found on the IGN site, which I have included below as an alternative.

- The official trailer linked from IGN’s YouTube channel -

Xbox 360

- The official trailer linked from Official Capcom Europe’s YouTube channel -

Xbox One

  • Gears 5 | Available between the 01st and 28th February

- The official trailer(s) linked from Xbox’s YouTube channel -

- The official trailer linked from the Resident Evil YouTube channel -

Although the trailer is for the original Resident Evil, I can confirm it is the Xbox One remastered version, which came out in 2015 that is being given away.

- The official trailer linked from Raw Fury’s YouTube channel -

Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S

There have been no specific Series X/S games listed. However, all of the above are available to play on the Series X/S via backward compatibility and Gears 5 comes with FREE next-gen optimization.

PlayStation - PS Plus

This month’s games available for anyone with an active PS Plus subscription will be:

PlayStation 4

- The official trailer linked from PlayStation’s YouTube channel -

- The official trailer linked from Remedy Entertainment’s YouTube channel -

PlayStation 5

  • Destruction AllStars | Available between the 02nd February and 05th April, thanks to PlayStation running an extended-release window.

- The official trailer linked from PlayStation’s YouTube channel -

In addition to Destruction AllStars, Control: Ultimate Edition will include the PS5 upgrade for FREE, and Concrete Genie is available to play on PS5 via its backward compatibility functionality.

PC - Epic

In addition to the Xbox and PlayStation games, the Epic store will be giving away various games across the coming weeks. Unlike previous entries, the free Epic store games will be posted to the blog weekly as they are announced.

You can check out the current free games here, and we will be posting Thursday, every week, with the new line-up.

PC - Prime Gaming

And last but not least, did you know, if you have Prime Gaming (formerly known as Twitch Prime), you could also be missing out on the free games which come included within your monthly subscription? For the current free games, check out this link here.

If you have not already got Prime Gaming, check out the benefits and in-game rewards you could be missing out on here.

How do I claim these games?

To make it easier to claim the Xbox and PlayStation games, I have linked all of the titles to their respective entries on the relevant stores. For the PC games, I have linked these directly to their providers so you can browse and redeem them at your convenience.

Thank you very much if you have read the post this far and I hope there is something above that you will be able to enjoy. For now, though, have a fantastic day and happy gaming!