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High Noon At The Orcdromeda Corral

Currently playing out across Streamlandia, the May Stream Raiders event is underway and sees us thrust into an orc infested western nightmare where cybernetically-enhanced hunter-killer drones. And ooze dripping buffalo. Hunt their prey across the vast rolling landscapes.

What is Stream Raiders?

If you have not come across Stream Raiders before, you are in for a treat. If you have a few minutes, swing by and check out the complete overview here.


- Official trailer linked from Stream Raiders YouTube channel -

What is Orcdromeda?

Following on hot on the heels of last month’s Cyberfall event, Orcdormeda sees us taken to another orc infested realm where orcs and robots have combined to take over the land. Whether it be remote ranches, rolling planes or deep within the heart of a cybernetics factory - the brave warriors of Streamlandia must rouse once again to take up arms and defend their territories.

As with previous events, Orcdromeda brings to our screens a new array of enemy units, fantastically crafted unit skins and wonderous new maps. If you have not yet participated in a special event or have not come across them before, event chests also make a return, and you can find out more about them here.

What are the new units?

Many new units accompany this special event, ranging from Slimefallos, which are effectively slime oozing buffalos. Through to Orc Engineers. And the almighty Mecha-Orc. Below are just a few examples of the units you may come face to snout with:

In addition to the new units, we also welcome back the Loader Bots, Cyber Orcs and Eye Drones, which you may have faced before.

One of the fantastic additions to Orcdormeda is that, just like previous events that have buffs and debuffs, there have been some slight twists to the game mechanics. For example, you can now capture special terminals that allow you to capture surrounding ‘deactivated’ Loader Bots and Eye Drones. Should you fail to do so before they come online, they will simply add to the enemy forces and attack you.

Another fun addition to Orcdormeda is the inclusion of saloons and other buildings that, just like the undead crypts, spawn various enemy units to fight your forces.

Just as a disclaimer, when the level of an enemy unit changes, so do their base stats, just like regular Streamlandia units. These screenshots were taken from various battles, so they may differ from what you face.

What do the new event maps look like?

Continuing on the marvellous work of the Stream Raiders design team, there are many new maps with this event that take us from holding pens and processing factories to vast deserts and canyon ambushes. Below are just a few examples of some of the maps you could encounter:

How long is the event on for?

As with the previous events, the Orcdormeda event will be running for just over three weeks. At the moment, we are halfway through the event, so you still have plenty of time to jump on and try it out. Like with the past events, there is also a free and paid for battle pass option that allows you to collect unique event skins, hordes of gold and stacks of scrolls to boost your existing forces - alongside your usual match earnt rewards.

Thank you very much for reading this far. If you are interested and have not already done so, you can sign up to play Stream Raiders for free, using your Twitch details here. Alternatively, you can also sign up to the official Stream Captain discord here or follow them on Twitter here - to be kept up to date with the latest Stream Raider news and developments.


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