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How was the Stream Raiders CvC 3.0 event?

Recently we reviewed the community versus community mode in Stream Raiders under both the ‘Was the Stream Raiders CvC event worth the hype?’ and ‘How was the Stream Raiders CvC 2.0 event?’ blog posts.

Although there were fewer changes in the 3.0 event compared to the 2.0, I thought I would catch us up before 4.0 begins later this week.

What has changed between 2.0 and 3.0?

Although there were only two weeks between the two events, there have been some further improvements between 2.0 and 3.0. These were…

  • Matchmaking times have been further improved so that matches are found quicker. But also the consistency with which you are paired up against similar sized captains has become more noticeable and works a lot better.

  • Loading times have been improved when accessing a match.

  • There are fewer issues with matches finishing and allowing you to collect rewards. As opposed to events 1.0 and 2.0 where it would sometimes take up to a minute to complete a game and allow you could receive rewards.

  • Although still not perfect, the power bar for the matches allows more units to be placed, which in turn can let more viewers join matches.

  • A new map was added into the map circulation that allowed multiple fronts for opposing teams to engage one another.

- The new map -

Overall the backend amendments made have started to mould the CvC into a very streamlined and smooth experience which has noticeably affected both captains and viewers alike, with a lot more people taking part in the CvC mode this time around.

However, admittedly, there was another reason which helped with participation too, which in large part spoiled the 3.0 event for me.

The first Versus Invitational competitive Stream Raider event...

For 3.0 there was a qualifying period of a few hours where up to forty captains could earn raffle tickets, which would potentially enter them into a $10,000 invitational tournament which is to be held this week on Wednesday 20th May. To be eligible for a raffle ticket, a captain had to have 20 + viewers for a CvC match and win the match. The more wins accumulated, the more chances they had to be picked for an invitation.

- The Versus Invitational tweet sent by the Stream Captain team's official account -

The prize pool was split into different tiers to ensure every participant won a prize (of varying sizes) and although it came to around $12,300 in total. The $10,000 was advertised (as opposed to the full amount) as it sounded snappier which to be fair to SC_Thomas and SC_Brad who were handling questions in the dev stream, were right. In addition to a monetary prize for the captain. I should also add in that the captain would be issued with skin codes too (of varying amounts). To distribute to their communities as prizes so that communities could join in the fun and win things also. Which I thought was a nice touch.

Although at face value this was a fantastic opportunity to play CvC competitively for prizes and stoke interest in the mode it very quickly turned many communities and streamers against each other. For example, captains, who had large groups of people with them to play the Dark Heart event, would change from PvE to CvC without warning and saw many of their viewers leave. On several occasions leading to awkward rants off of the streamer/captain. There were other instances too of accusations of stream sniping. Captains were reporting other captains for various reasons (many reasons for which sounded to be incredibly petty and unnecessary) - or banning viewers from taking part in their battles. What is usually a very laid black and exciting mode with occasional banter and playful competitiveness took on more of a mood-killing vibe which was a shame. It portrayed quite a few streamers as purely raffle ticket driven. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it could have been handled better. Don't get me wrong, not all of the matches were like this, there were still the positive and playful ones, but the negative side soured the experience not just for myself but for others too. So much so, as viewer interaction in the mode quickly died off, the qualifying amount of viewers was lowered from 20 per winning battle to earn a ticket. To 15 per battle.

For this week a second giveaway has been announced for the none tournament captains. The details of which are…

- The new versus details emailed to Stream Raider players -

… I genuinely hope that this time around there remains a more friendly competitive vibe and less negative aspects. But we will know soon enough as it all begins tomorrow!

What are your final thoughts on the CvC 3.0 special event?

Overall 3.0 from a technical and gameplay aspect is continuing to grow from strength to strength, and by the time it is released fully, I will not lie when I say that I am very excited to play it.

From a community point of view, for the most part, it still brings captains and their communities together. And there were some great (and comical) displays between captains. However, the addition of actual financial prizes did stir up a somewhat darker side that I found to be very undesirable.

- An example of playful banter -

The CvC 4.0 event kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday 20th May) so swing by and check it out if you get a chance - to see how the mode is coming along. The event begins at 11:00 PT (which is 19:00 BST). And you can join in here.


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