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Is the Abduction event out of this world? | Stream Raiders

Recently we have been treated to a very special sci-fi event called Abduction on Stream Raiders, below is a breakdown of the event and my thoughts. If you get a chance, jump in and join the fun now over on their site as the event still has a few days to go!

If you are interested in Stream Raiders but don’t know too much about it, check out our overview here.

Or the fandom wiki here.

What is Abduction?

Abduction is the special event for April that sees our valiant Stream Raider heroes and heroines take to the stars to fight an extraterrestrial threat that has been kidnapping orcs and forcing them through a cyberization process. Turning them into a drone army for the mighty Master Mind.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

- Official Trailer -

What is new for the event?

Not only are there an assortment of new skins for gifting skins, purchasing via the store or earning on the battle pass for your own units…

- An example of the event skins -

… But there has also been a large reskin of the enemy forces too. Although many of the stats have remained the same for the enemy types, you have everything from floating cybernetic orbs to robotic spiders, cyber orcs and Master Mind himself. Which, as the name implies, is a huge hulking tank with a brain on top of it.

- An example of the new enemy units -

In addition to Master Mind, there is also an enemy type called Super Eye whose sole function is to heal Master Mind when it’s in battle. Meaning taking the Super Eye down first will prove to be very beneficial against Master Mind’s three hundred and fifty hit point health pool.

In addition to the cosmetic changes for the units. The main dashboard for both players and captains has also taken on a very Cyberpunk-esque look for the duration of the event.

- Example of the Abduction dashboard -

Are there any new maps?

In addition to the reskin for the enemies. There has also been a significant overhaul on all of the maps you can play on. Except for the treasure troves. Currently, these are still displayed as the normal treasure trove maps in circulation for PvE.

The new maps look like...

- Airlock -

- Command Centre -

- Holding Cells -

- Laboratory -

How are you liking the Abduction event?

First and foremost let me get that Stream Raider plug in and let you know the event is still running for a few days as of writing this and you can join in here.

Personally, I have really enjoyed the event so far. Although the dashboard change was quite an interesting one to get us to as the colouring choices for specific areas are a bit odd (say dark purples on a dark blue background) it does suit the theme very well. The new units are fun to not only look at but strategize around beating, especially when you can get a mob of turrets that easily tear through melee formations if you do not use tanks and rogues to overcome them. And I think some unit classes like Master Mind, the cybernetic spiders and even the cyberization tanks are really inspired. The cyberization tanks for those that have not seen them are large test tube looking tanks that hold an epic orc unit within them, if not destroyed in a set time limit, the tank breaks and the epic enemy unit is released onto the battlefield.

Although Abduction got off to a very smooth launch this time around with minimal server issues or connection errors that players experienced last time, there have been a few minor visual glitches. This can range from units displaying the wrong unit level when first placed...

When a unit is first placed...

... But after a few seconds, it will display the actual level correctly.

… To ‘ghost’ units appearing. These are units that when switching from the store to the battlefields would remain on the screen even though they could not be interacted with or dismissed. A cure for this issue is simply to change between tabs and then go back again, and it often fixes the problem first try.

- An example of the 'ghost' units that randomly appear -

There have also been a few more rarely seen issues, where the units displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, for example, show more than were placed on the battlefield. For example, a flying rogue may have been set by one player once, but it displays five times. These are currently being looked into and worked on by the development team. Going off of the feedback comments in the official discord.

Overall though Abduction has continued to build on the successes of Inferno and Divine Wrath, just with fewer technical issues and dare I say it - even more players (both captains and viewers) than we have seen so far. I can not wait to see with this level of community growth and ambition from the Stream Captain teams, what we are going to be treated to next.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post. I hoped you enjoyed it and if you have any comments of your own you would like to add, or constructive criticism, please leave a comment down below. Alternatively, if you have not played Stream Raiders and would like to do so, make sure to check them out here.


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