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Noob Reviews: Afterparty

This review is based on Xbox One gameplay.

What is Afterparty?

After Milo and Lola come to an untimely demise, they find themselves cast down into the very bowels of Hell. Unsure as to how they died or why they ended up in Hell of all places, they have but two choices. First, they could accept their fate, submit to the torture of their own personal demon and suffer an eternity within the fires of Hell. Or they could follow up on a rumour that should you be able to outdrink Satan himself, he will let you return to Earth.

That’s right people, this game is quite literally about a journey of self-discovery and finding your way back to Earth. Oh and the whole challenging Satan to drinking games.

But the fun does not stop there. Before you actually get to meet Satan; you first need to find a way to gain entrance to his house party. The party is invite-only and is only open to the most party hard minions of Hell. In comes some of the most exciting and unique missions you may have ever played, whether you are patching up broken relationships between demons. Auditioning for club acts. Challenging the undead to beer pong. Or participating in dance-offs with the beast of partying himself, the choice is yours on how you accomplish your end goal. But be careful there are many outcomes to the missions and many endings to the game. Each decision you make, tailoring the experience to your play style.

What platforms is Afterparty available on?

Afterparty is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC and Mac. It is due for release on Nintendo Switch too, but the date for this is yet to be confirmed.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

- Official Launch Trailer -

When was it released?

Afterparty was released on all current platforms in October 2019.

Who created Afterparty?

Afterparty was brought to us by the fantastic Night School Studio who also created Oxenfree. If you have not tried out Oxenfree I highly suggest that you give that a play too.

What do you think of Afterparty?

Afterparty is a game that I found on the Xbox Game Pass and to be honest I did not hold up much hope for, the description was a little dull, and I thought I would skip over it. Then I saw the trailer, and I was hooked. Brought to us by the creative minds behind Oxenfree, Afterparty was an emotional rollercoaster of decisions, morals and mini-games that I literally played through in one sitting on stream. Admittedly it is not a long game, perhaps some eight hours long, but it has more than enough to keep you coming back for multiple playthroughs.

As with Oxenfree, every conversation, choice and character relationship you build (or destroy) has an impact on how things unfold and which ending you get. I found the decisions for some of the conversations and outcomes of the missions to be fun and unique. There is a somewhat twisted sense of humour to Afterparty that drew me in and had us going from one punch line to another with the stream’s chat frequently having input and wanting to see how the various options played out. I am quite pleased to announce that many viewers after the stream even went on to play the game themselves and had nothing but praise for it.

The game itself handles well, has a robust set of mechanics and during our playthrough had no bugs, glitches or visual issues that we came across while on the Xbox One (normal Xbox One as opposed to Xbox One X). One of the most interesting mechanics we came across was the effects of alcohol. As you can guess by the premise that you need to out drink Satan, alcohol does play a role in the game but as a utility item. Whether it be a Bloody Stool, Literally Acid or Hearse Chaser, there is a cocktail for every situation. From charisma and confidence boosts, to even making your character more aggressive should you wish to take a more forceful and aggressive stance on the playthrough. Although this does sort of twist alcohol as a good thing and makes fun of excessively drinking (as opposed to highlighting the dangers), it does provide a zany means of buffing your character. Personally, I had no issue with this mechanic, but I thought I would mention it as some may see it as a downside.

In addition to the above, the scripting for the various characters throughout the game was fantastic. I thought the ability to switch between the two characters (as you control both) for the majority of the game - was also fun. I also want to do a special shoutout to Dave Fennoy (the voice actor for Satan), Ashly Burch (the voice actress for Sam Hill) and Sarah Elmaleh (the voice actress for Apollyon). As I found their characters to be, some of the most enjoyable and engaging.

Available still on the Xbox Game Pass (as of writing this) or averaging around £9 to buy (when looking on the PS4 page and Steam), this game is definitely one I would recommend you give a go. It is one of those games where you really need to get hands-on and play it yourself to form your own opinions and experience what it has to offer.

What overall rating would you give Afterparty?


Overall I would give Afterparty a 5 out of 5 bananas.

I felt that Afterparty was a fantastic game which I loved playing through, it was funny, engaging and made me want to jump back in to see what the alternative decisions and endings would be. Between the mechanics, how it played, and the ridiculously low price tag it makes this a must-play, in my opinion.

Thank you very much for checking out the review I hope you enjoyed it. Admittedly everyone has a different opinion, and all I can do is encourage you to try out this game for yourself and see what you think.


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