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Noob Reviews: Batman: Hush

Please be advised that during the review, I have tried to avoid a lot of spoilers. However, there may still be a few included helping explain specific points.

What is Batman: Hush?

Batman: Hush is a DC animated film in which Batman comes up against an old adversary operating under a new persona. That persona is Hush. Master manipulator and mysterious nemesis that is continuously striking out from the shadows at either Batman or those he cares for. Almost as if he knows Batman's most intimate secrets. Hush certainly comes across as the villain the DC universe has been waiting for in terms of scheming. And using the other villains to his own ends. He also seems to be quite the sniper in his own right. At one point going as far as almost killing Batman with a well-placed sniper round that literally tears through the bat grapple tether mid-flight, sending Batman crashing into the alley below from quite a height. But I digress.

The story will see Batman travelling all over both Gotham and Metropolis, bringing many well known and loved characters into the film. Whether it be partnering with Catwoman, who has also been played by Hush and is seeking revenge. Perhaps a love-struck Superman under the powers of Poison Ivy. Or the Joker who quite surprisingly has become the punchline to a rather odd joke.

Batman: Hush has many unique twists and turns that are tough to predict. Some of the most enjoyable, though, were the relationship between Catwoman and Batman developing into something more. While at the same time Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are also dating. The new serum Bane has been using, which significantly increases his already fearsome powers. And not only the meeting, but also the loss of a dear friend close to Bruce. All of them unique and exciting in their own right.

I will come clean at this point and hold my hands up to say that I have not read the graphic novel for this storyline so I will be unable to compare the graphic novel to the movie. And will be reviewing the film as a standalone.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

- Official Trailer -

When did it come out?

The film was released in July 2019, initially at the San Diego Comic-Con but later the same month as a worldwide digital release. This was swiftly followed by the hard copies (Blu Ray etc.) hitting shelves in August 2019.

Who are some of the actors and actresses in the film we might know?

What did you think of Batman: Hush?

Unlike many an animated DC and Marvel film that I usually watch I, unfortunately, have not read the graphic novel for Batman: Hush so was unable to compare the movie to the graphic novel. However, instantly the art style reminded me of the old school art style to the animated Batman entries, and I really enjoyed that almost nostalgic feeling it gave me. Don’t get me wrong though, the art style is beautiful, and I thought the film, for the most part, was well directed and played out quite well.

Unfortunately been a massive fan of the DC universe, there were a few issues I had with the casting, for example, the actor (Jason Spisak) who voiced the Joker was lacklustre and gave the Joker nothing of his true self. He seemed lifeless, dull and genuinely annoying, and it pains me to say that as the Joker is my favourite character from the DC universe. I also thought that the role of Lois Lane (played by Rebecca Romijn) was poorly done with Lois coming over as a victim for her part in the film, who would be scared of her own shadow. It just seemed to suck all the power and presence Lois has typically - out of her screen time. I understand entirely that the voice actors will change between the animated films but when they have such a wealth of material to refer to, to build a character, and then come across as not really giving it their all. If anything. It ruins it.

In addition to the casting above I also thought that parts of the film were unnecessarily drawn out. As opposed to having any genuine contribution to the story. I believe you will notice these moments yourself should you watch as they almost appear awkward but happily they are few and far between.

Overall I really liked the story, it was quite exciting, and I loved discovering who Hush really was. However, I felt it could have been better both in terms of the pacing. And what some individual characters had to offer in terms of entertainment value.

What overall rating would you give Batman: Hush?


I would give Batman: Hush an unfortunate 3 out of 5 bananas.

I thought that while the story was good, it could have been so much better. It is a charming little film to watch on a Sunday afternoon and by no means was the worst of the DC animated titles. It just needs work. On the flip side, it did interest me enough to order the graphic novel so that now I have seen the movie, I can read the book as they say.

Thank you very much for checking out the review and if you are interested in Batman: Hush and would like to check it out for yourself, to form your own opinion, you can check it out here.


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