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Noob Reviews: My Friend Pedro

This review will be based on Xbox One gameplay. Although I have attempted to avoid spoilers, there may be some included to help explain specific points.

What is My Friend Pedro?

My Friend Pedro is a rather unique and highly inspired shoot ‘em up in which you play a masked man who wakes up in the basement of a meat processing factory that chops up and sells everything from rat meat to human meat. Luckily though when you awake, you are greeted by Pedro, a sentient and encouraging floating banana that is here to guide you to safety and help you track down (and take on) those that would see you dead. Whether it be mobsters from a retirement village, highly trained soldiers or gamers who have gone feral and occupied the sewers under the city. Through various mechanics such as ballet dancing to avoid damage, the ability to slow down time and even use split shot, which allows you to kill two different targets at once when you have a weapon in each hand. You can explore both large open spaces and tight confines such as train carriages and factories.

What makes the game so much fun is that each level is point-based, and your best way to increase your score is to let out your inner creative. The more people you kill at once and the more variety you use in doing so, the higher your score. Whether it be killing someone by kicking a severed head into their face, shooting frying pans to rain down lead on groups of enemies or my personal favourite. Riding a skateboard through a window and then kicking it from a flip into someone’s face. The sheer scope of creativity and interactive aspects of the environment around you are vast. Your only problem will be, how will you engage the hostiles waiting for you in the next room? So many options and so few an enemy.

What formats is the game available on?

My Friend Pedro is available on Xbox One, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch.

Although a PS4 port of My Friend Pedro is possible, various websites state that Nintendo Switch currently has exclusivity for the game for the ‘foreseeable future.' I do believe this must be coming to an end soon though (if it has not already) if the game has popped up on PC and Xbox.

Just as a little side note My Friend Pedro is currently part of the Game Pass for Xbox and PC and is on sale on Humble Bundle for 30% off compared to its current price on Steam, for the next week.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer from the developers directly, but we do have multiple from IGN and various other channels on YouTube. Below I have picked out the original E3 trailer (courtesy of IGN) and the launch trailer (courtesy of GameSpot Trailers).

- Original E3 Trailer -

- Official Launch Trailer -

When was it released?

My Friend Pedro was initially released on the PC and Nintendo Switch in June 2019. With the Xbox release coming a few months after in December 2019.

Who created My Friend Pedro?

My Friend Pedro was created by DeadToast Entertainment, who is a is an independent video games developer consisting of a single developer. The developer appears to have also worked on the games Bloody Blades, A Walk In the Park and Step Maniac. To name but a few.

The developer’s Facebook bio states that they are a “game developer focusing on nunchucks, pigeons, rainbow-lasers and bananas with names.” Which I think says it all.

What do you think of My Friend Pedro?

When seeing the trailer for My Friend Pedro for the first time, I thought it had a unique sense of humour, art style, and the gameplay looked quite fun. However, when starting to play the game, it went from fun to fantastic in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the game is not a very long one at all and can be finished in about four to five hours. However, it has a lot of replayability to it, and as you progress through the levels, you can unlock various buffs and nerfs which you can toggle on or off when starting a new game to make things easier or more challenging - as you see fit.

I really enjoyed the mix of mechanics to the game too, whether it be the slow motion, the John Wick style split lock during gunfights or using the environment to your advantage. It all felt well-choreographed and admittedly makes you feel like a badass. The variety of enemies between levels also kept things fresh as did the plot twists and ending. For spoiler reasons, I can’t give a specific example, but the conclusion is definitely unique, and the sense of humour is spot on.

Although there were no bugs or glitches that we experienced when playing the game on stream, I did feel that it was really short and hope that a sequel pops up in the future. Overall though if you are a fan of shoot ‘em ups or just wacky humour, sentient bananas and the Matrix (I felt like Neo at times). Definitely give this little gem a play.

What overall rating would you give My Friend Pedro?


Overall I would give My Friend Pedro a 5 out of 5 Pedros... I mean bananas.

Although a short game, it retails quite cheap and I believe you more than get your money’s worth with it. It is varied, engaging and paced just right to keep you wanting to keep pushing on to overcome the next challenge or explore the following mission location. Humour was fantastic, the graphics were beautiful, and the game handled well. What more could you ask for?

Thank you very much for checking out the review I hope you enjoyed it. Admittedly, everyone has a different opinion, and all I can do is encourage you to try out this game for yourself and see what you think.


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