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Noob Reviews: My Hero Academia (Season 03)

Please be advised that during the review, I have tried to avoid a lot of spoilers. However, there may still be a few included helping explain specific points.

What is My Hero Academia?

If you have not done so already, you can always pop back and check out our reviews of season one and season two.

As a quick recap though, My Hero Academia is an ongoing anime series comprising numerous seasons and films, that follows the adventures of a group of young students who join the illustrious U.A. High School in the hopes of becoming heroes.

But how can that be, you might be asking yourself. Well, due to natural evolution, for the most part, there has been an exponential increase in fantastical powers (referred to as quirks) granted to people across the globe. Some are born with these, others can inherit them or pass them from one person to another. Although very rare, you still get those without quirks (known as the quirkless). But overall, these powers have become the new norm for both heroes and villains.

First released in 2016 (for season 01) but still been released to date in some areas (for season 04), My Hero Academia consists of several movie tie ins and a whopping eighty-eight episodes. Along with a musical, video games and a vast array of merch. That is not even touching on its source material. A Manga series by the same name that was first released in 2014. And is still being published to date. Going off of both the released volumes and the yet to be released. There will be some two hundred and seventy-one entries.

What is the third season about?

Season three of My Hero Academia is the largest season to date but for a good reason, the sheer number of episodes it has in it. Although some countries have season three split into two seasons, in the UK season three consists of thirty-eight episodes, starting with ‘Time to Pick Some Names’ and ending with the episode ‘Unrivaled.’ These are all available as the other seasons are - in both English audio or subtitled.

Season three primarily is split into four different stories, each of them as captivating as the others.

The first story we have is a direct continuation on from the end of season two in which Stain (aka Hero Killer) is still on the loose after crippling Iida’s brother. Driven by a need for revenge, Iida sets out to hunt down and confront Stain, but not everything goes to plan. Stain, as free-spirited and driven as he is, comes into conflict with both heroes and the League of Villains after a difference of opinion and finds himself in a confrontation with several U.A. students. I will just chip in here too, that the League of Villains continues to unleash more Nomus to keep their offensive up against the heroes. However, these are weaker and more feeble variants compared to the original Nomu from season one who almost bested All Might.

Following on directly from the Stain storyline, reeling from what his actions have done to the broader world and hero community, the students begin to prepare for their end of year finals in which they must team up and take down a teacher to pass.

Next up we have a summer camp. Now at face value it sounds nice, it seems fun, but it turns into a horrendous nightmare when having just passed their internships (covered in the Stain storyline) and end of year exams. The class are taken to a remote secret location to train towards applying for their provisional hero licences. Unfortunately, the site is not as secret as they thought and the students, their trainers and the pro heroes with them are attacked by the League of Villains’ elite vanguard of assorted psychopaths and all-round nasties.

Last but not least we have the fourth and final main story in which the class prepare for their provisional licensing exam and are thrust into a battle royale style elimination match against several other schools with their own hero programs. Unfortunately of all the attendants, only one hundred students will be granted a licence.

As you can tell from the (hopefully spoiler-free) summaries above, season three has some great storylines and a lot of content packed into a quite small number of episodes when you see how many stories they genuinely cover.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

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You can also find the listing on Amazon here.

When did it come out?

Season three of My Hero Academia was initially released in June 2017 for most countries with the last episode (for the UK) being released in September 2018. There are a total of thirty-eight episodes for this season, each having a run time of around twenty-four minutes.

What did you think of My Hero Academia (Season 03)?

We hit the ground running with season three and only continue to build upon the fantastic story and lore laid down in seasons one and two, and admittedly season three to date, of the seasons I have watched - has been my favourite. This season is packed full of fun, adventure, so many plots and subplots. It’s honestly mind-blowing. What I really like about the story to My Hero Academia is how you get to see the students mature and develop both as people but also as trainee heroes. The storylines, as mentioned above, are on point, fast-paced and engaging. The art style continues on strong, and I am still in love with the soundtrack.

Some of the key things I loved about season three were the Stain storyline, and I found Stain to be a truly thrilling nemesis and villain who gave me chills just listening to his dialogue. Although admittedly not much of a Bakugo fan in the first two seasons, I really started to warm to him in season three as he goes through a whole new development arc. And Froppy just goes from strength to strength. I know there are so many characters to choose from, both villains and heroes. And all of the supporting roles. But these were honestly some of the ones I have enjoyed the most alongside Deku.

Season three is a bit tough to explain thoroughly without doing some significant spoilers. Still, it was also nice to see the All Might story continue and to see into his past a little more, whether it be meeting his old teacher (Gran Torino) or learning more about his origins and who exactly it is that the mighty All Might fears.

Many of my original gripes about excessively long intros and outros do still stand, and with so many new and old characters to choose from, the very minimal selection we get on the mid-episode fact breaks is a bit dull. But apart from that nothing new and they are minor peeves that in all honesty don’t subtract from the hype each episode builds. So much so, in fact, I will not mention it at all going forward, I promise!

Overall another fantastic season full of mixed emotions, escalating feuds and character development that just continues to build upon the first two seasons.

What rating would you give My Hero Academia (Season 03)?


I would give the third season of My Hero Academia 5 out of 5 bananas.

The third season as mentioned above, just continues to evolve in leaps and bounds, carrying on the great backstory we had in the initial seasons and adding even more. Unlike season two there is no filler episode to whine about, and I am honestly amazed at how much lore and story they crammed into so few episodes - without sacrificing the quality of content or skipping over bits and pieces.

Thank you very much for checking out the review, and if you are interested in My Hero Academia (Season 03) and would like to check it out for yourself, to form your own opinion, you can check it out here.


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