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Noob Reviews: Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight

Please be advised that during the review, I have tried to avoid a lot of spoilers. However, there may still be a few included helping explain specific points.

What is Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight?

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight, also known as W lesie dzis nie zasnie nikt in it’s native Polish. Is a Netflix original film that follows the encounter of a group of teenagers - who are sent to a rehabilitation camp for technology-dependent teens. Unfortunately for the teens, they find themselves coming face to face with two bloodthirsty twins, who have recently found freedom from their thirty-year prison and now lurk deep within the woods. A woods the students are meant to be camping in.

Without any smartphones or radio equipment, to contact the police or main camp for help. It is up to the teenagers and their guide to survive the onslaught of the twins. And find a way to make the authorities aware of what is going on before even more lives are lost.

What type of genre is the film?

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight is classed as a horror thriller.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer on YouTube from either the production studio or Netflix to display. However, you can see the trailer (even if not a subscriber) on the film’s Netflix entry here.

When was Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight released?

The film was released last Wednesday on the 28th October.

How long is the film?

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight has a runtime of one hour and forty-three minutes.

Who are some of the actors and actresses that we might know?

For a full cast listing, please see the official IMDB page here.

What did you think of Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight?

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight is a fantastic film (for the most part) that starts off strong, giving some serious Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes vibes. It could even be argued that there is a little Hatchet in there too with the two twins mimicking the stylings of Mr Victor Crowley. Unfortunately, what starts off as an intense horror is let down considerably by the ending. And a story that barely scrapes enough together to make it stand out as unique from many other titles.

Just as a heads up, this next bit of explanation will have spoilers, so time to look away or scroll past now if you wish to avoid them. I’ll pop a notification in - in italics when the spoilers are over.

The core of the film’s story revolves around two twins who have been kept in their mothers’ basement, and cared for by their mother for the last thirty years, after being infected with an alien organism that gave them enhanced strength, healing and aggression. Unfortunately, due to a trip, the mother finds herself in the basement with the twins, and they seize the opportunity to kill their keeper and escape their captivity.

What started out as a story similar to something from the Wrong Turn franchise, descends into dull and overplayed tropes involving very very loose ties to an alien organism that crashed into the forest while the twins were out playing one day. They take it home. Stick it under the bed. And overnight it infected them. However, neither the origins of the alien artefact the twins find. Or what happened to it after their captivity. Are ever explored or explained. To be honest, it just feels like the whole inclusion of aliens into a monster/slasher horror was essentially an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ending to what, as I said before. Could have been a solid horror if they had only stuck with the mutant/monster theme.

Spoilers are finished here, you’re safe to read on below.

Apart from the rather interesting story direction that was mentioned in the spoilers above, I thought the actors did a fantastic job and whether watching in English dubbed or original Polish with subtitles, you can really get a sense of emotion and consistently high quality acting throughout. Even the camp councillor and priest that appear that are meant to be oddballs. Really play their parts well with being over the top and out there. The killer twins, although having no spoken lines, do a fantastic job of (a) giving you the creeps when they are on the screen and (b) portraying a twisted innocence quite well as they venture beyond the basement to hunt for the first time. Having not known the outdoors for some thirty years.

In addition to the acting, I found the overall woodland setting and scenes they used to film, to be beautiful with lush open forests where you could beat a teenager in a sleeping bag to death against a tree. This part of the film really reminded me of Jason X when Jason is in the VR chamber. And remote, makeshift cabins where shotgun-wielding recluses could live, awaiting the day they might be able to take revenge on the twins that ate both of their legs below the knee. There is so much on offer and staged so well. You actually feel a sense of immersion.

Although there’s admittedly a lot of room for improvement with the story, I thoroughly enjoyed the film for the most part. I would highly recommend it as worth a watch to horror film fans - it does not take itself too seriously but definitely has enough blood, guts and gore for the more gruesome loving viewers out there.

What rating would you give Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight?

Casting 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Delivery 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Effects 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Entertainment 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Story 🍌🍌🍌

I would rate Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight as a 4.2 out of 5 bananas.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight starts off strong but is let down only by a weak story that culminates in a very dull and disappointing reveal towards the end of the film. If you can ignore this and focus on the sense of immersion, brutal murders and fantastic acting that make up the majority of the film - I think many horror fans will enjoy this nasty little number.

Thank you very much for checking out the review. If you are interested in Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight and would like to check it out for yourself, to form your own opinion. You can check it out on Netflix here.


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