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Noob Reviews: Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut

This review will be based on Xbox One gameplay. Although I have attempted to avoid spoilers, there may be some included to help explain specific points.

What is Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut?

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is the console incarnation of the original Slayaway Camp, a horror puzzle game in which you take control of a merciless killer across several horror film productions - and need to solve puzzles to get your kills. To aid you in this, the game opens up an array of abilities such as different angles to plan your attacks from. The ability to rewind and cancel previous moves. Or the option to buy hints at the cost of your in-game currency.

Unlike other puzzle games, Slayaway Camp’s movement revolves entirely around columns, meaning you need to plan each and every attack carefully, and use the environment to your advantage, such as to change your path. Provide cover for your approach. Or help you avoid environmental dangers such as water, landmines and heavily armed police officers. On the flip side though, what is a threat to you is also a danger to your prey, allowing your killer to scare people down holes, into shark-infested water or even head first into wood chippers.

One of the unique selling points to Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is that you the player can set the gore level for the game meaning it can be as accessible to hardcore gore fans as it is to PG players. Depending on your own unique preferences.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

- Official launch trailer linked from Blue Wizard Digital’s YouTube channel -

What genre is the game?

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut is a puzzle game.

Who created Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut?

Slayaway Camp (which was primarily PC, MAC and mobile) and it’s console variant Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut - were developed and published by Blue Wizard Digital.

How long is the game?

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut has a base playtime of around fourteen hours. However, it has also had several DLC packs released for Halloween and Christmases gone, adding another few hours on. Meaning you may be looking more towards the twenty-hour mark in total.

When was the game released? And what platforms is it available on?

Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut was released in October 2017 and is available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Vita.

If you were curious, the original Slayaway Camp for PC, Mac and mobile was released in October 2016.

What do you think of Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut?

Although not a fan of puzzle games normally, the description for Slayaway Camp was ‘a puzzle game for people who do not like puzzle games’ and this had me intrigued. They used my exact thought process against me, lured me in and goddammit I am not going to lie - I was hooked.

Slayaway Camp is a fantastic little puzzle game in which you take on the role of many characters. Although re-skinned, no doubt for copyright purposes, it is effortless to tell who you are playing. Whether it be Jason Vaughees, one of the gremlins from Gremlins or a bloodthirsty depiction of everyone’s jolly fat man - Santa Claus. Luckily you can actually pick which character you want to star in which film (or even specific scenes). And can even further customise your cast by unlocking new killers and executions as you play or by purchasing them using in-game gold you earn depending on how quick, clean and efficient you complete QTE kill scenes and missions.

One of the best things about the game is even without a story per se, you complete your kills throughout a series of films. Each of which has a trailer demonstrating what the film is about. It is fantastic to see how these trailers play out and to try and work out, even when slightly changed, which horror franchise they are a nod towards.

Now, although there are many man pros to Slayaway camp, there are a few downsides too. The controls at first can be fiddly, there is a sharp learning curve with some of the new enemy types (such as the heavily armed SWAT officers) and as you progress you will find more and more challenges in your missions. Such as cats that are afraid of everything and will run into fires, something you are then penalised for and fail the task on. Or the introduction of escape routes for your victims to flee through. Although there is an added layer of challenge to work out how to overcome these, some players may not be too thrilled about certain elements. Also, at times your character may become stuck which occurred several times for me on stream where the killer was literally unable to move, you could not use your rewind powers, and we had to close the game down and restart it. Although this was infrequent, it still was quite annoying and killed the pacing.

Overall, a fun game with many options to customise both your characters and gameplay experience. Allowing access to both younger players and bloodthirsty veterans too. The sense of humour is dark and hysterical. And I found the game to be challenging but rewarding when things went off correctly - definitely something I would recommend to both puzzle fans and non-puzzle fans who may be looking for a new challenge.

What overall rating would you give Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut?

Entertainment 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Gameplay 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Handling 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Specific function(s): Puzzle Elements 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Story 🍌🍌🍌

I would rate Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut as a 4.0 out of 5 bananas.

With a dark and twisted sense of humour, endless hours of different films/settings to play through and a challenging but rewarding learning curve to it - I would definitely recommend Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut as worth a look. If you are an Xbox player and pay a monthly Gold (or higher) subscription, the game is currently available through the Games with Gold catalogue!

Thank you very much for checking out the review. I hope you enjoyed it. Admittedly, everyone has a different opinion, and all I can do is encourage you to try out this game for yourself and see what you think.


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