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Noob Reviews: Truth Seekers (Season 01)

Please be advised that during the review, I have tried to avoid a lot of spoilers. However, there may still be a few included helping explain specific points.

What is Truth Seekers?

Released in October 2020, Truth seekers is an Amazon original production that follows the adventures of Gus Roberts (played by Nick Frost) and Elton John (played by Samson Kayo) who are broadband installers by day and paranormal investigators by night.

As the duo follow their latest jobs from Smyle’s head of operations David (played by Simon Pegg), we will follow them as they visit haunted hotels. Old English country homes with mysterious pasts. And come head to head with a secret cult led by Doctor Peter Toynbee (played by Julian Barratt) that seek to ascend to the next level of existence by organising a mass suicide. Their plan behind the suicide, to use dozens of hypnotised subjects’ life energies to open a gateway to the mysterious realm of Eternis. An act that can only be performed when the next solar eclipse occurs and the veil between realms is at it’s thinnest.

Needless to say, not only do we have a crucial plot throughout the first season, but we also have many subplots and one-off stories that are both thought-provoking and hysterical in equal measure. Whether it be humans possessed by their deceased pets or a World War Two soldier whose spirit was transferred into an old observation post’s machinery during a freak electrical storm. There is definitely an odd mix of things to get your head around and imagination engaged.

When was the first season of Truth Seekers released?

The first season of Truth seekers was released in October last year (2020).

How many episodes are there?

Eight episodes, with an average runtime of twenty-eight minutes, make up the first season.

Has a second season been confirmed?

Currently, Truth Seekers has not had a second season officially renewed by Amazon. However, both Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have publicly commented on being open to doing another series (or two) if Amazon were up for it.

Do you have a trailer to show us?

- The official trailer linked from Amazon’s Prime Video YouTube channel -

Alternatively, you can also find Truth Seekers on Amazon’s Prime Video platform here.

Who are some of the actors and actresses that we might know?

For a full cast listing, please see the official IMDB page here.

What did you think of the first season of Truth Seekers?

Having loved both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s work when they work together on projects (such as Paul, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and Spaced to name but a few) as well as their performances in solo projects. I was super excited to see them coming back together for another project - and yet again, they did not fail to deliver.

I loved the fact that Nick Frost took more of a front line position and led the cast. Although Simon Pegg is a sensation in his own right, it allowed Nick’s sense of humour, personality, and abilities to shine through. And in addition to his raw talent, I think the overall story really helped bring these skills out. The story is a mishmash of different events occurring simultaneously, yet everything vibes and connects without friction. It just helps episode after episode to build an immersive world you want to be actively involved in, and it makes you care about what occurs to the characters who live within it.

When it comes to the cast, I have to admit that I had never really seen much of Samson Kayo’s work before. Still, he had this adorable portrayal of discomfort in every scenario throughout Truth Seekers that just made me want to love him. The sense of humour and energy between the cast members was also very noticeable, and when coming together, the cast members appeared to give every scene their all. Although not a leading role like Kayo or Frost, I will have to say that for me, Malcolm McDowell absolutely steals the show as Richard - Gus’ dad. His sense of humour and curious nature is fantastically executed, and he had me smirking or in a fit of hysterics many times over. His dry sense of humour and straight-faced delivery definitely deserves a mention of its own.

Effects wise, every episode has an array of weird and beautiful moments. Whether it be the charismatic Emma D’Arcy and her role as Astrid who is actively haunted, often having to run from the spirits or be pinned down as a scorched figure attempts to communicate with her. Or the way Susie Wokoma (who plays Helen) does her YouTube makeup tutorials. The level of detail throughout, especially when it comes to the artsy side, is impressive and downright screams of the cast members’ skill who helped bring such things to life. Minor spoilers, but there is a moment where Helen creates a Dalek for a cosplay competition, and it is genuinely something I would love to see up close as it just looked like they had stolen it from the BBC’s Doctor Who set.

With a solid core of British humour, some great networking jokes (that admittedly might go over some people’s heads) and an array of talent from all corners of the screen. Truth Seekers is definitely a treat from both a comedic point of view and for those that may be interested in the paranormal. Although I have never dabbled in the paranormal (or supernatural) myself, as knowing my luck, I would end up meeting Pyramid Head. The terminology, equipment and research that the characters interact with appears to be fantastically researched and implemented into the show to ensure the field of paranormal research is given the justice it deserves.

What rating would you give the first season of Truth Seekers?

Casting 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Delivery 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Effects 🍌🍌🍌🍌

Entertainment 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Story 🍌🍌🍌🍌

I would rate the first season of Truth Seekers as a 4.6 out of 5 bananas.

Bringing together two of my favourite actors yet again (Nick Frost and Simon Pegg) for another outing, I have tried to remain impartial during the review, but the show will speak for itself. Well researched, well constructed and well-paced - Truth Seekers balances many plots and subplots. Drama and love interests. And does so in such a way that at the end of some episodes, as the credits roll, you’ll just sit back and let your head spin as you try to work out what just happened. Because of this, amongst other things mentioned above, I thoroughly enjoyed Truth Seekers and highly recommend it as worth a watch as I genuinely think you will enjoy it too.

Thank you very much for checking out the review. If you are interested in Truth Seekers and would like to check it out yourself, to form your own opinion - you can find it on Amazon’s Prime Video platform here.


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