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Noob Reviews: Stream Raiders (Closed Beta)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Stream Raiders is more commonly known as Stream Captain just in case you have only heard of one. I just wanted to make sure I didn't confuse anyone!

What is Stream Raiders?

Stream Raiders (aka Stream Captain) is both a web based and desktop application based free to play game in which every five-minutes viewers are able to place a selection of units alongside other viewers to go on PvE dungeon raids with a captain. These raids normally have a thirty-minute placement period and then anything from a few seconds to several minutes for the raid itself depending on how many people are taking part.

During the placement period, viewers and captains can both see what units everyone is using and where they have placed them. Once the captain has initiated the raid, you can use the captain's screen (normally displayed in their stream) to see the raid unfold.

What is a captain? And what do they do?

Stream captains are streamers and the ones who pick where to raid on an interactive map. Start the raids when the thirty-minute placement timer is up. And then collect and distribute the loot.

Just as a side note, loot can also be automatically distributed by the system where it will randomly pick the recipient(s).

The number of recipients you are able to pick to distribute loot to both manually an automatically, varies depending on how many people were raiding.

Loot? Did you say loot?!

I did indeed. When completing raids on Stream Raiders you fight for…

  • Gold - Can buy scrolls and be used to upgrade your unit’s level in conjunction with scrolls.

  • Potions - For every 30 of these you collect, you can place an epic unit on the battlefield, which is effectively a mini boss version of the unit you choose to use them on. Although you can only have the epic unit for one raid, they have their base stats like health and attack buffed and will become a very valuable asset. Don’t worry, you can get potions for placing units, kills and assists in the raids, and they are very easy to acquire. At the moment though, be aware you can not stack more than 30 potions at one time. So once you have them, make sure to use them or you will not be able to reap the benefits of any additional potions you pick up. This has been flagged to the development team by multiple users as something to potentially increase or amend in the future.

  • Scrolls - Scrolls are what you use in conjunction with gold to level up your units.

How can I join in?

Because the game is currently in closed beta, any streamer wishing to become a captain has to apply to become one. You can do that here. Or by emailing streamers@streamcaptain.com.

With regard to viewers, anyone can join in the fun, simply by signing up to Stream Raiders with their Twitch details here.

The sooner you sign up, the quicker you will be getting your share of the loot!

Above you kept saying units. How many types are there?

In total there are currently sixteen units to choose from broken down into four categories. Although these units do have a cool down on placement depending on their rank, you can use any combination of them you see fit.

Currently, when there are no special events on, you can participate in up to three raids at once with three different captains. When special events are on, if you buy the battle pass (which has both a free version and paid for version) you can gain access to an extra raid slot, bringing it to four raids in total you can participate in.

Which units can we use?



Flag Bearer












Flying Rogue


Warrior Monk


Orc Slayer


The above screenshots were all taken using my own units. Levels and stats will vary when comparing against other people and even your own when starting out.

How often can we use them?

  • Common units have a ten-minute cool down (per unit) between use.

  • Uncommon units have a thirty-minute cool down (per unit) between use.

  • Rare units have a sixty-minute cool down (per unit) between use.

  • Legendary units have a four-hour cool down (per unit) between use. This may seem very excessive compared to the others, but especially if you get to place an epic legendary, they are able to dominate the battlefield and easily turn the tide of battle.

What else can the units do?

Funny you should ask that. When looking at the units you will notice that at certain milestones (level five and level ten to begin with) your unit will get an enhancement. This may be their area of effect, damage or how far they can move...

... When you level up a unit to level twenty you can also pick your first specialization. The specializations allow you three different and unique ways in which to develop your unit, however, be warned that you can only pick one and once chosen there is no going back (for now).

To be honest, not many people have reached level thirty with their units yet, but legend tells that when you get to level thirty you are able to further enhance your units power by calling in a clone of itself or choosing again from other enhanced abilities. I am yet to reach this level myself so work off of the hushed whispers overheard in taverns.

What types of enemies can we fight?

Depending on whether you are partaking in a day to day battle or a special event battle, you can see yourself facing everything from orcs, dragons and the undead (day to day battles) up to werewolves, pumpkins, zombies and rogue tossing trolls who will quite literally throw an enemy rogue at you (special event battles like Orc Storm).

Does Stream Raiders have any sort of trailer?

Why yes. Yes it does. Step this way for not only the trailer, but some very awesome special event trailers created by community members too!

Closed Alpha Trailer

Gravetide Trailer (September Special Event)

Hallow March Trailer (October Special Event)

Orc Storm Trailer (November Special Event)

The Orc Storm will be ravaging a battlefield near you until the 02nd December 2019!

Who created Stream Raiders?

Stream Captain, Inc.

What do you think of the Stream Raiders closed beta so far?

Having used Stream Raiders both in its alpha testing stages and now into it's beta testing stages, I can loudly and proudly say I love it. I adore Stream Raiders. It is fun, engaging, a nice conversation point and the development team are continuously pouring their hearts and souls into the game to make it a better experience. Whether it be AI tweaks, new maps, units or working on basics like the unit pathfinding when they enter the raids. There are frequent updates with a public road map on where they wish to be and when.

In addition to the online / web browser version of Stream Raiders, there is also a desktop application which is sort of the testing ground for various tweaks to the game. Although it is a few versions above the web browser which adds quite a few pros, it is also a bit temperamental at times which can also be a big con if it decides to crash during stream. But incidents like this are few and far between and normally quick to resolve.

The only team whose efforts are an extremely close second to the development team is that of the community support team working front line in their discord and responding to emails and queries. I have had many queries, requests when doing giveaways and a few minor technical issues when first starting out and the community support team is fantastic. Not only in the way they are reacting to requests and issues, but also how they are proactive by posting patch notes and frequent updates.

Gameplay wise, although the AI handles everything after you have placed your units, there is a fun sense of strategy to how you place your units and a sort of rock-paper-scissors to which units to place. Everything has a strength and a weakness and finding the perfect balance in troop placement can mean either the win or loss of the raid.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Stream Raiders but have tried to be as impartial as possible when reviewing it, hence why for all its good points I thought it best to mention a few very minor issues.

  • Pathfinding for AI during raids, both for the enemies and player units can occasionally go awry. This is a known issue and is been worked on as we speak by the development team.

  • Intermittently when trying to put a unit down it will become inactive and no matter where you try to drop it, it will not place. Again this is a known issue and been looked into.

  • Sometimes at the end of a raid, when trying to collect your loot, the ability to collect will vanish and just take you straight into the next placement period for the next raid. This is more of a visual glitch as the loot will be allocated to you, but it sometimes skips the screen that shows you what you got. So it is always handy to keep an eye on your gold count and number of scrolls. Again this is an issue that has been reported and to be honest only really tends to raise its head when there are a lot of stream captains on at one time. And even then there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what triggers it to occur.

What overall rating would you give Stream Raiders closed beta so far?


At the moment I would give Stream Raiders a solid 4 out of 5.

Stream Raiders is fantastic, engaging and so much fun. It breaks up the stream nicely as mentioned above and is becoming popular with a lot of communities. That being said, it is still in closed beta and there are a few bugs to work out such as pathfinding during battles. However, I have every faith that Stream Captain will be 5 out of 5 worthy before the end of beta testing if not sooner!

Thank you very much for checking out the review and if you are interested, don't forget to sign up to play as a viewer here or register your interest to become a captain here or by emailing streamers@streamcaptain.com. If you already use Stream Raiders and see me online; come say hello.

May your raids be bountiful!


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