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Resident Evil’s third Re:Verse BETA demo announced, and it’s today!

- The official Resident Evil Village trailer linked from PlayStation’s YouTube channel -

If you have not already heard, the latest instalment in the fantastic Resident Evil franchise, known as both Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil Village - will be launching in just a few weeks. To build the hype and put the fans’ minds at ease, Capcom has been releasing a series of technical demos that range in availability from eight hours to twenty-four hours to allow fans to get a hands-on experience. This way, you can see, feel and experience the game for yourself if you are yet undecided on whether or not you will be playing it when it drops.

Alongside the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village, a smaller, lesser-known Re:Verse will also be launching to accompany the main game as an online multiplayer versus component where up to six players can go head to head across various maps and modes.

- The official Re:Verse trailer linked from IGNs YouTube channel -

Re:Verse will be a free add-on available to everyone with a copy of Resident Evil Village. And as with the primary Resident Evil Village game - it is launching its third tech demo this week to allow Capcom the chance to further study its reception, work on balancing and fine-tune all those niggly bits.

When is the demo going to be available?

The third demo for Re:Verse will be available between 06:00 UTC today and 06:00 UTC tomorrow (the 22nd of April).

As a helping hand, if you are not familiar with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), UTC runs an hour behind the current British Summer Time (BST). So 06:00 UTC will be 07:00 BST.

How do I play the demo?

To play the Re:Verse demo, all you need to do is download and install a demo from your PC or console’s game store. I have taken the liberty of including the links to several of the installations down below for your convenience:

There are also a few quick points you may find helpful:

  • You will need a Capcom account to be able to play the demo, these are free and easy to set up, taking just a few minutes.

  • The demo automatically syncs with and allows you to play the most recent version of the Re: Verse demo, no matter your platform, so there is no need to uninstall and reinstall the demo between BETA sessions unless you want to, of course.

  • Although you can download and install the demo at any time, you can not play the demo until Capcom makes it live on its servers (which is why you require an online connection at all times). If trying to play early, you will just be displayed with a count down timer.

And last but not least, if you have not already done so, you can pick up a FREE Google Stadia Premiere Edition with every pre-order of Resident Evil Village on Stadia. For full details, check out the stadia.google.com website article here. Alternatively, you can check out the full FAQs and eligibility criteria they have set here.

What is your source for these details?

I thought you may ask, so I have included both the link I used and screenshots of the official post, announcing the third demo coming later today.

The above screenshots have been taken from the Re:Verse section of the residentevil.com website.

You can see the original post here.

Will there be any more BETA demos?

There will indeed!

At the Resident Evil event last week, it was confirmed there will be at least one demo every week on the run-up to Resident Evil Village’s release - for Resident Evil Village and the occasional Re:Verse one too. So although you can’t go back and play any demos you have missed already, you will have other chances to get your hands on future demos too.

- The official trailer linked from PlayStation’s YouTube channel -

Following on from today’s demo for Re:Verse, there will also be two more demos for Resident Evil Village this weekend, with one being available for eight hours on the 24th of April (Saturday) and the other twenty-four hours on the 25th of April (Sunday). Unfortunately, just like the previous demos, no official posts have yet listed what the actual playtimes of each Village demo will be, but I’ll keep an eye out and keep you all updated in case anything pops up.

Thank you very much if you have read the post this far, and I hope you find it helpful. No matter what you decide to go off and play, I hope you have a fantastic day and a great time gaming!