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Roll up, roll up and toss the dice in Tabletopia!

As their eyes met across the multi-coloured hexagons of the battlefield, there was an uneasy shuffle from the red plastic brigand piece as the berserker just silently grinned and slid his helm into place. Even as the berserker slid the helm into place, the plastic lust was still visible in its eyes; its thirst for plastic shed not yet sated even though many a brigand’s limb or base were scattered around the feet of the feral warrior. It was not the first time the plastic piece has faced the warriors of Streamlandia, but this time, he felt as though it would be his last.

What is Stream Raiders?

If you have not come across Stream Raiders before, you are in for a treat. If you have a few minutes, swing by and check out the full overview here.


- Official trailer linked from Stream Raiders’ YouTube channel -

What is Tabletopia?

Launched late last Friday evening, Tabletopia is the latest special event for Stream Raiders. And sees us thrown into the varied and random world of tabletop gaming. Forced to fight chess pieces, plastic board pieces and unique new bosses - gather your forces and march alongside your captains of choice across the vast bright battlefields of this new realm as residents of Streamlandia seek to extend their grasp on a new land.

If you have played any previous events, you may have already guessed that the special event chests also make a return. Meaning you can get your hands on unique (free) event skins for your units, additional gold, scrolls and event tokens which you can use to fill your free (or paid for) battle pass.

Alternatively, if you have not yet participated in a special event or have not come across the chests before, find out more about them here.

Are there any new enemy types?

There are indeed!

As with all of the events, we have many new enemy types and boss types to fight as you advance through the Tabletopia special event. As with previous events, there are a few maps (such as the oh so popular Jungle maps) and their unique enemy types that make a return too and can be encountered randomly throughout the event. But enough diversion, you know about venus flytraps, poisonous frogs and spiders. You want to see some of the new enemy types.

Some of the new enemy types you will encounter are:

As you may be able to tell, the enemy types, just like in board games like Chess or Risk, come in both a dark and light shading. Or red and blue shading. The stats are the same, the overall design is the same. The only difference is the unit’s shading. Personally, I find this quite fun and exciting as it appears the full board game-verse has united to stop Streamlandia’s advance.

In addition to the enemy units, there are also some unique modifiers in the event that can buff or debuff both allied and enemy forces. One of the notable additions I really like is the introduction of Town Pieces, where whichever side controlling them receives long-range archer support. There are also Army Cards that can summon ten knights to the faction that reaches the card first.

Just as a disclaimer, when the level of an enemy unit changes, so do their base stats, just like regular Streamlandia units. These screenshots were taken from various battles, so they may have different stats depending on the units’ level being fought at the time.

What do the new maps look like?

Like the previous events, we have been treated to brand new chapters for a new overworld event, which means new maps to learn and conquer. Below are just a few examples of some of the maps you will encounter.

As always, the size of the map itself, the number of enemy combatants and the size of the deployment zones (where applicable) will increase to accommodate the number of warriors you have with you. For example, a smaller captain may have a dozen or so units around level 1-10 to fight. In contrast, a larger captain may have hundreds of units to face. From my observations, I’ve already seen some captains fighting enemy units that are level 30+, which really intensifies the thrill of the fight.

When does the event end?

Tabletopia will be running as the in-game event for the next nineteen days.

Thank you very much for reading this far. If you are interested and have not already done so, you can sign up to play Stream Raiders for free, using your Twitch details here. Alternatively, you can also sign up to the official Stream Captain discord here or follow them on Twitter here - to be kept up to date with the latest Stream Raider news and developments.


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