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Shadowside cometh to Stream Raiders (w/c 13th January 2020)

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

This week sees the release of Stream Raiders' latest special event called Shadowside. Although we have only teasers for the event at the moment, I thought we would have a look at what we do have and see what may be in store.

What is Stream Raiders?

If you have not come across Stream Raiders by the Stream Captain team before, check out all of the details here, where we carried out a full review on Stream Raiders as it evolved from closed alpha to closed beta.

In short, Stream Raiders is a free to play game (with optional paid-for cosmetic skins and battle pass) in which stream viewers place a selection of units on various battlefields to fight the undead, orc horde and other miscellaneous nasties like dragons, spiders and slimes. They can put down a unit every five minutes and do so alongside other members of both the stream chat and Stream Raider community. Every thirty minutes, the captain (streamer) starts the raid, and the players and enemy forces go to war.

Unlike the viewers, a captain can only place one epic unit per match. These are more significant variants of the typical units with enhanced abilities and stats. The raids are done in pursuit of gold, potions and scrolls which can all be used to upgrade your various current units and unlock more unique units. So far, there are a total of four rarities with sixteen units to choose from.

What do we know about Shadowside so far?

So far what we have are two promotional images and yet another fantastic little promotional trailer by Mister_Hooks and Supraboom. Both very active and popular members of the community.

Image 01(as seen above)

Image 02

Event Trailer

What are your initial impressions?

So far the images and the trailer come across very nicely, they are clean, well displayed and yet show just enough to get you hooked and wanting to know more. Without revealing everything.

At first, I thought this may be the launch of the PvP aspect of Stream Raiders which is due for release this year, but now I believe this may be just another PvE event. But that is in no means a bad thing as the previous events have been great and always varied. No two events to date have repeated any content except for earning scrolls for the legendary units.

There are just a few key things that stand out to me that I wanted to go through.

During the trailer, we see the warrior, archer and tank fighting a New Year’s Ball of Doom from the previous event. When it is finally defeated and falls, it seems to release energy that then creates shadow versions of our valiant heroes. This in itself, I think, is quite an interesting concept as the range of units available to both viewers and captains, as I mentioned before, currently totals sixteen.

Although the images and at first the trailer, only show a handful of units, later on in the trailer we do see shadow variants of the musketeer, flying rogue, centurion and healer too. Perhaps meaning we may get a shadow variant of all (or the majority) of the units we can control? Quite literally meaning the two sides would be matched in terms of abilities.

With each individual event, there is always a well crafted and exciting antagonist, a big bad if you will that is behind everything. This time around, it looks like we are taking on Cthulhu himself.

Although his screen time is only short, I am going to go out on a limb and say he will have the flying rogue as his core abilities and then x amount of stat boosts to make him a formidable opponent. Usually when fighting bats and other assorted flying units in Stream Raiders, you can typically only do so with archers, flying rogues or epics variants of your units. It will be quite interesting to see if Cthulhu breaks the mould or stays with the same vein as we have seen previously. If so, we are going to need a lot of archers, epics and flying rogues to take that nasty down.

From previous special events, we have received access to two legendaries, the Templar and the Orc Slayer. With these units, they are mighty in their respective fields of fighting the undead and orcs, so it will be interesting to see which rarity the pyromancer falls into and what their unique ability will be. Going from the two aforementioned, again I will go out on a limb and say I think it may be geared more towards fighting the shadow variants of units (if they remain in the game past the event’s end) or buff for other ranged units.

What are your final thoughts, Noob?

Overall the event looks like it will be fun and exciting, especially with a new unit to command and getting to grips with fighting a corrupted version of ourselves. The inclusion of epic units like the epic shadow centurion we see - will be a nice challenge if they have the same buffs and abilities as the players do. Such as the centurion’s ability to increase the defence of armoured units.

Going off of the previous events too we will most likely be presented with two options for a battle pass, there is always a free option that allows you to collect a small amount of gold, potions and scrolls (in addition to regular raid rewards). Or a paid-for option, which pays out more in the way of gold, scrolls and potions. Either way, no one is left out. The paid-for pass usually is around $10 / £7.50 for a viewer pass, with the captains receiving a free paid pass (for their captain account only).

As of yet, we do not have an official launch day for the special event or a time frame on how long it will be running for. Just that it will be this week. But I am sure I will see you on the battlefield when it drops!


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