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Stream Raider Skin Giveaway - True Blue Archer

Greetings and salutations fellow raiders!

If you have not already seen, the Stream Raiders team are currently giving away a unique new skin called the True Blue Archer - which is available to both viewers and captains alike.

All you need to do to redeem your own skin is:

  • Complete the requested actions. Just remember though, after each step completed, make sure to press 'Continue' on the bottom of the screen to ensure the completed act is counted and you are credited for completing it. You will know when this has been done as you will receive a small blue tick on the right-hand side of the action.

  • Once you have completed all three actions, a twelve-digit code will be shown on screen (and an email copy sent to your chosen email address).

  • To redeem your code, once you have it, simply go to the Stream Raiders website or app > Store > Redeem Code.

  • Enter your code as four digits, per section, making sure the letters are all capitals. If you use lower case for the letters, it may say your code is invalid.

  • Et voilà, your skin will be unlocked and ready to equip via 'Gifting & Skins.'

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this far, as you might be able to tell it takes only a few minutes (at most) to earn and equip the skin. Whether you decide to grab your own copy, or not. I hope you have a fantastic day

and I'll see you on the battlefields!


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