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Stream Raiders is having an Awakening?

Underway at the moment on Stream Raiders, we have been fighting across the battlefields of the latest special event, this unique event is known as Awakening. However, what is it?

And how does it differ from all of the other special events to come before it? Let’s find out!


- Official trailer linked from Stream Captain’s YouTube channel -

So what is Awakening?

Unlike previous events and even the typical PvE format. Awakening sees captains and their raiders assault a huge eleven chapter adventure that is spread up to around nine individual raids per chapter (it can be both more or less, depending on the size of the captain and their community playing).

Each of the chapters has a small sub-boss, with a final boss appearing at the end of chapter eleven that is the events, overall boss.

Okay, that sounds a bit different, what else is new?

In addition to the new map format, during your eleven chapter adventure, that can be composed of over a hundred different raids. Maps from all of the previous events have been thrown into the mix. Whether it be the most recent events or original events like the Halloween one, you never know what you are going to get. Personally, I have loved being able to go back up against the werewolves and Halloween maps where there are fields upon fields of pumpkin busters waiting to decimate your forces when the counter hits zero.

Are there new enemy types?

There are indeed!

In addition to the wide variety of enemies that have been thrown at us. There are new enemy types that have never been seen before. Whether it be ancient dragons or war machines of the old world. There is something to pique all interests and to challenge all skill levels.

An example of some of the new enemy types.

What are these new chest types I have been seeing?

In addition to your regular bronze, silver, gold and purple chests there have been three brand new chest types added for the Awakening event. These chests are known as loyalty chests and can be found both on the map, but also earnt by playing with the same captain for consecutive battles.

The types of the new chest are…

Bright yellow - This is a gold chest that will grant you a large sum of gold when you open it. The average amount of gold earnt is around two hundred pieces, but these two hundred pieces will stack on top of anything else you have earnt in the same raid. So say for example you get one while fighting on a treasure trove map, you can make some serious coin.

An example of the rewards from a yellow loyalty chest.

Bright green - The bright green chests are special event token chests that grant you a random number of tokens when opening them, on average for the ones I have received so far - you get between four to six tokens.

Bright blue - The bright blue chests are my favourite at the moment but also have the lowest chance of a payout, with many community members across Stream Raiders yet to receive their contents. And that contents is a skin. When you open the chest, you will either be paid a selection of scrolls and potions as standard, with a little bit extra. Or if you are lucky enough, you will be granted a full-body skin. So far, I have received the Ancient Archer skin which was created for this event, but there are quite a few you have a chance of winning.

The Ancient Archer skin.

Are there any new maps?

There are indeed new maps. However, they are few and far between. Due to the volume of previous maps, there is a lot of different environments to fight in and new plans to dominate if people have missed past events. Although new maps have been added in, you will rarely see them unless fighting an event-specific boss (one of the ancients).

That been said, there is a nice assortment of maps as not only do you have the regular maps with standard deployment, we also have the defence maps returning. And the escort maps where you will have to protect say an ancient dragon until it hatches, and see it safely from one side of the map to the other, so it can face a mighty enemy that can have up to eight thousand five hundred hit points. You will quite often only see such bosses on medium to large raids. However, they are a sight to behold and near-invincible unless your escort survives (as they usually have a ridiculously overpowered attack).

What are your thoughts on the event?

Although the event got off to a very rocky start with multiple technical issues and some people unable to log in at all, the problems were fixed swiftly, and the Stream Captain team issued everyone affected by the problems with a hefty compensation of meat, potions and gold.

The discord post listing the compensation given to all players affected.

Once the issues were out of the way and we got to jump into the new adventure in full, I found it to be fantastic as both a viewer and a captain. The latest chapter format is fun and has multiple paths to choose from to see you through your adventure. I thought the addition of the previous event maps was also an inspired idea and has ramped up the fun as it has brought back some very challenging enemy types and combat situations.

Overall, I would say that Awakening has been my favourite event to date, and I really hope we get something with a similar format in the future. Having spoken to chat when streaming and to fellow captains and their communities. I think the love for this event has been shared by many players (both new and old). And has really displayed the variety and complexity that Stream Raiders can have in the right circumstances.

Thank you very much for reading this far. If you are interested and have not already done so, you can sign up to play

Stream Raiders for free, using your Twitch details here. With just over a week of the event left, come join us and see what epic adventures we can get up to!

Alternatively, you can also sign up to the official Stream Captain discord here or follow them on Twitter here - to be kept up to date with the latest Stream Raider news and developments.


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