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Stream Raiders' loyalty system is changing...

Greetings and salutations warriors. This weekend the Stream Raider team made an announcement on their official Discord to let both captains and viewers know that the loyalty program was changing. Having had a hands-on and tested the new loyalty system out this weekend, I can say, it has definitely changed for the better!

What has changed?

Previously there have been two formats of loyalty rewards for viewers who fought with their chosen captains. These previous formats were:

  • The first format, which was used during alpha testing, was one where viewers who fought with a specific captain got a random amount of scrolls, potions and gold for participating in individual battles.

  • The second format, introduced when we went into beta testing, and the more recent one - is where the number of battles won with captains was tracked. For every three consecutive fights, you would be able to earn special chests such as ones that provided extra gold, event skins and bonus scrolls. Unfortunately, should you remove a captain from one of your three available captain slots, say for example to play with someone else whilst that captain was not streaming. You would lose all of the progress made.

Luckily, the Stream Raider team have been taking in all of the community feedback. And have released this third format which has built upon the previous designs. But add in some highly sought after features, such as:

  • Viewers now do not lose any progress made with a captain, should they remove them and play with someone else. This frees up your captain slots to be used however you see fit, meaning viewers can get out there and fight with more captains (and their communities).

  • For each battle won with a captain, no matter the captain, you will be able to track your progress below the favourite icon on their captain page as long as you have one win under your belt.

The above screenshots display how you can see the tracked wins for a captain.

  • The more you fight with your captains, the better the rewards. In addition to the usual end of action rewards, you can earn. The loyalty chests will have three tiers. For one win, you will unlock one bonus reward for each chest you receive. For fifteen wins, you will unlock two bonus rewards for every chest. And for sixty total wins (or above) you will unlock three bonus rewards for every chest you receive.

The above screenshot is an example of some of the rewards you can win. And how they will be presented.

Do you have a copy of the official announcement?

Please see below for a screenshot taken from the official Discord on Saturday (03rd October).

If you would like to keep up to date with the most recent updates and announcements, you can join the official Stream Raider Discord here.

What is this hands-on you mentioned?

During this weekend (the 03rd and 04th October) the new loyalty system was put into action for a test before we have this week's special event launch on Monday (which we will have a look at separately). For two full days, you were able to earn the new loyalty bonuses at a reduced rate, where tier two was available after eight wins. And tier three was available after fifteen wins. To enable the maximum amount of people to see the benefit of the new format going forward.

Whilst playing as a viewer I managed to get several captains up to tier three and must say that the bonuses are quite nice, with at times, a hefty payout in epic scrolls. So much so I was able to quickly level my bomber up to level thirty. And get my centurion to level twenty-seven. Which in number terms, means I got over a hundred scrolls for each.

So this is all live now?

It is indeed. As of Saturday this new loyalty system has been released as part of the base game and will be available to everyone to benefit from. And it could not have been timed better as Monday will see the release of the latest current event - entitled Odyssey. If you have not done so, now is a good a time as any. To jump in and try the changes out!

Thank you very much for reading this far, and I hope you found it insightful. If you have not done so already, you can sign up for Stream Raiders using your Twitch account here. For now, though, no matter what you decide, have a fantastic day.


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