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Aurora will have to wait a little bit longer for Skynet...

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

A few people may have seen both in discord and on stream that I have been very excited about the Terminator special event that was due to drop this month for Breakpoint. Unfortunately, this is now not going to happen.

Ubisoft has taken to their forums to advise that the special event will be going ahead but not until the back end of January 2020, however, they have quoted the reason for keeping the event back as...

"After careful consideration by the development team, we are choosing to delay the release of the TU until the latter half of January to ensure its quality."

... Which I think is starting to put them in a more favourable light. Don't get me wrong, I love Breakpoint and am a huge fan, but they (the development team) are admitting they would prefer to take more time to work on it and deliver quality content as opposed to pushing it out on schedule (it was due to be released on the 18th December) and it not meet player expectations.

In addition to the event been on hold, they have also held back on a significant update (which was coming out alongside TU 1.1.0) stating:

"Our goal is to deliver you polished content and meaningful bug fixes, to do that we need a little more time."

Which again shows them taking responsibility, holding their hands up and to myself appears they are working their hardest to make sure everything going forward would be as polished as they can get it.

Although I will admit I am a little disappointed to have to wait for the Terminator special event, I will remain excited to see it when it does finally drop.


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