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Xbox Gold Free Play Days (03rd - 07th December)

Live right now, and continuing to be so, for the next few days. We have a great line up of games as part of the Free Play Days program over on Xbox Gold. All you need to do, to get your hands on them is (a) have an active Gold subscription and (b) the room on your Xbox to download and play. It’s as simple as that.

What happened with the Free Play Days program last week?

Unfortunately, there were no Free Play Days last week, but there was quite an increase in the games available to play on the Game Pass.

Although it is to be confirmed officially, I believe as things are at the moment with the inconsistencies in the Free Play Days, during 2021 the Free Play Days program may be disbanded altogether. And the Game Pass will become more heavily promoted as an alternative due to the sheer volume of titles available and yet to come in the coming weeks. Plus it includes the other benefits of the Gold program already.

So watch this space!

What are the games going to be for this weekend?

The games available as part of the Free Play Days program for the next few days will be:

- The official trailer linked from Xbox’s YouTube channel -

- The official trailer linked from Xbox’s YouTube channel -

If your interest is piqued, I’ve taken the liberty of including the game trailers above. And linked each of their titles to their respective Microsoft store entries.

As an added bonus, even though the games are admittedly quite old compared to more recent entries that have appeared, these games are both included within the usual Game Pass library of games. Meaning if you do like them and have access to Game Pass, you can continue to play them without having to fork out for the full price for them. Alternatively, if you are not a Game Pass user but would like to find out more, you can find out full details about the Game Pass on its official page here. As a first time user, you may also be able to grab your first month for just £1/$1 depending on where you live.

For now, though, thank you very much for reading the post if you have made it this far. And no matter what you decide to play, happy gaming and have a great day!


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